It’s no secret that Crufts is the greatest dog show in the world, and in 2018, we’re bringing the fragrant world of Zoflora to dog lovers from across the globe. We’ve been keeping homes healthy and happy for almost 100 years, and we believe every home needs a little bit of Zoflora magic to stay fresh and fragrant – especially homes full of furry friends!

We’ve packed our bags full of Zoflora Fresh Home, goody bags and dog treats, and now we’re ready to hit the road to Birmingham with our exclusive V.I.P. guest. Oh, and since it’s our very first year at Crufts, we’ve decided to bring our 7ft flowery dog, magical floral tunnel and giant nose along for the ride too.

Keep scrolling down to discover what Zoflora will be getting up to at Crufts 2018

Protect your pet with Zoflora Fresh Home Odour Remover and Disinfectant

Effectively eliminates animal odours (no more wet dog smell!) and kills 99% of bacteria and viruses, including those which can cause illness in your pet. Plus our latest fragrance, Mountain Air, has been developed to be kind to your pets’ delicate sense of smell.

  • Kennel Cough
  • MRSA
  • Canine Distemper
  • Safe to use around pets when dry
  • No phenols
  • Not tested on animals
  • Vegan friendly

Have you ever seen a 7ft floral Poodle before? Now’s your chance! You’re invited to meet Zoflora’s Very Important Poodle at Crufts 2018. Take a snap with our VIP and share it on Twitter or Instagram to join the gallery below. Then keep an eye on your messages, because we’ll be sending little gifts to our favourite photos all weekend long!

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