The Perfect Easter Egg Hunt

Firstly think about where you're going to have your hunt, will it be inside or outside? Two factors to consider when deciding the location; children's age and weather forecast. For younger children stay local, inside the home or the garden. For older children you could turn it into a mini adventure and use places such as the local park or create a night time hunt, using torches and glow sticks.


Once you have hidden all the eggs, create a map or give clues on where the eggs are located. Or if you're feeling extra creative, try making bunny footprints out of paper or sprinkle talcum powder and scratch bunny paw prints out with your finger near each hidden egg.


Handy tip: Keep a count of how many you have as you don't want to find them a few months later all melted under the sofa! If you have more than one child for the hunt, it's always a good idea to give them a different colour egg each at the start, so they know what they are on the hunt for.


There are many ways to create a fun and enjoyable Easter egg hunt for your children. So find the right treasure hunt for you and happy hunting!

Posted by Zoflora (01/04/2015)