10 Things Mum’s can’t Live Without in the Summer Holidays

Even the most organised of Mums will tell you that the summer holidays can be a stressful time. Juggling entertaining the kids, working and keeping up with the housework can be tricky, but don’t forget you also need to find time for yourself. Here are some ideas to make the summer holidays great.

Paddling Pool

A paddling pool is essential for keeping the kids entertained throughout the summer and will provide hours of fun for both kids and parents. Combine with balls or bath toys for creative play.


Garden Games

Getting kids outdoors is great for their development, get together with school friends and stage your own sports day. Sports day sets are available for around £20 from


Ice Creams & Ice Lollies

Many supermarkets have some great deals on ice creams and lollies, stock the freezer up or make your own.


Sun Cream

Make sure you apply sun cream on your children, even on the cloudy days, and keep topping it up.


Create a Boredom Jar

Trust us the most common phrase you are likely to hear in the summer holidays is “I’m bored” - be prepared with a boredom jar. Write activities on a piece of paper, fold and place in a jar, then pick one out when boredom kicks in and that is the activity for the day.


Long Bath

The summer holidays can be tiring. At the end of a long day, nothing will feel better than a relaxing soak in the bath. It is important to remember to make time for yourself.


Good Book

Make sure you have a good read for days out at the beach, local park or just in the garden. If the kids are entertaining themselves you can catch up on some reading whilst keeping an eye on them.

Posted by Zoflora (24/08/2015)