Benefits of Outdoor Play: It’s Okay to get Muddy

Do you remember playing in the “great outdoors” as a child? It was always fun to be outside with friends, whether cycling, walking, picnicking or playing games and sports.

The value of spending time outdoors, and experiencing nature, is important for children’s development and well-being. Children also engage in more active play when they are outside, and active kids are healthy kids!

Benefits of Outdoor Play

● Gives children a chance to burn off energy
● Can be calming however, depending on the activity
● Helps kids learn to interact with and understand the natural world
● Offers a chance for more social interaction with peers
● Helps to develop their powers of observation and their assessment of risk
● Offers more opportunities for creativity and free play
● Helps to build a strong link between physical health and outdoor play, at a young age
It’s Okay to Get Muddy

Almost all children (and adults) have a natural attraction to the outdoors, playing outside and learning about nature.

Being outside and playing outside is vital to a child's growth and their physical and mental development; it's important to allow, and encourage, our kids to spend lots of time in the natural world.

Children connect with nature by climbing trees, lying in long grass, inventing games or just digging in the sand or mud! By regular interaction with nature and with other kids outside, it helps to stimulate the curiosity and creativity of children and also boosts their confidence as they learn new things.

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Posted by Zoflora (17/08/2015)