A woman cleans the top of a door frame with a cloth.


Keeping up with the housework during the Summer holidays

With the kids at home during the summer holidays, keeping on top of the housework can become a much harder task. Between entertaining the children and the additional mess this can create, finding time for cleaning the home can seem impossible. Here at Zoflora we have come up with some handy tips to help.

Daily cleaning routine

Plan your daily cleaning routine, cleaning a room or two a day will help you keep on top of the chores. Plan your routine with the kids so they understand what needs to be done around the home before you can play with them or go out for the day. Explain to the kids that the more they help the less time it will take.

Make cleaning fun

Let’s be honest, no child wants to be spend their summer holidays cleaning, but by turning it into a game and making it fun, children will be more likely to help. Challenge your children to see who can put their laundry away the quickest, with the winner getting a small prize.

Enlist help

Asking your partner to help around the house during the school holidays is a great way to share the load. Consider asking family or friends to have the children for a few hours so you can get a few chores done and return the favour.

There are a variety of ways Zoflora can be used to help you clean your home. Visit our usage and tips page for more  

Posted by Zoflora (31/07/2015)