Healthy Eating in Summer

Healthy Eating in summer Summer is the season of picnics and eating alfresco. With this comes the temptation to eat ice creams, pork pies, sausage rolls and lots of other naughty snacks, but there are lots of ways to keep it at bay! Eating out is not always about overindulging, it is about enjoying time with family and friends, relaxing and taking a break from your daily stresses.

A healthy picnic is all about preparation, if you plan ahead and create your own delicious healthy snacks such as crudités and houmous, or fresh fruit salad, you are sure to feel less guilty after your outdoor meal. Here are our favourite ideas for a healthier summer picnic:

• Chopped up vegetables for dipping into houmous or guacamole. Our favourites are carrots, cucumber, courgette and celery.

• Pasta salad with onions and roasted vegetables.

• Fruit salad – use any of your favourite fruits.

• Homemade flapjacks for that sweet hit, without any of the e numbers and refined sugar in shop bought cakes. If you make them yourselves you can add all sorts of dried fruits and nuts. We love Deliciously Ella’s recipe for granola bars (see link below).

When creating your picnic, wipe down all kitchen surfaces with diluted Zoflora before and after preparing the food, to make sure they are hygienically clean. We would love to know your favourite healthy picnic snack, share them with us on our Facebook and Twitter @LoveZoflora.



Posted by Zoflora (29/06/2015)