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Perfect Pets to Suit Your Lifestyle

Perfect pets to suit your lifestyle

With a massive 22 million pets in the UK, it is clear to see that we are very fond of our furry friends. Pets have the ability to give us unconditional love, whilst being our best friend and partner in crime! But it doesn’t stop there, because pets can also provide us with an array of unseen health benefits. Scientists have discovered that pets are able to help us heal emotionally, mentally and can even reduce stress levels.

Before choosing your companion it is very important to consider your home, family and lifestyle. Take some time to research different animals, to ensure that the pet can fit in within your home and lifestyle.

Things to consider:
• The animal’s lifespan
• The animal’s size, when fully grown
• The animal’s exercise requirements
• The animal’s average cost per year
• Is the animal going to be family friendly?
• How much care will your animal need?

Dogs can be brilliant companions for the right owner, but they do require a lot of time and attention.
You will need to think about how long you are out of the house, and if you have someone who can walk your dog in the day while you’re at work, as dogs shouldn’t be left alone for long periods of time.
Dogs generally love playing and long walks, however different breeds require different levels of exercise.

Cats make great pets, and are definitely a better choice if you spend a long time away from home, as they love their independence and can handle being left alone.
They will however need feeding twice a day, and do enjoy affection and play.

Rabbits are extremely popular pets that can quickly become part of your family, and are perfect pals for young children or even teenagers.
Rabbits need less time spent with them, but do still need attention. They also need to have sufficient room to stretch their legs, hop and play.
Rabbits can live up to ten years so before visiting your local pet store, make sure you have the time and money to keep your bunny happy!

• For people/families that are always on the go, keeping a goldfish can be an exciting new hobby for both children and adults!
• Goldfish are great pets for busy families with smaller budgets.
• They do need their tanks cleaned regularly, but this can be planned around your family’s lifestyle and commitments.

IMPORTANT NOTE: When correctly diluted, Zoflora may be used where most pets are kept. DO not allow pets to lick or walk on wet, treated surfaces. Keep off until dry. Not suitable for use in fish tanks, bird cages or vivaria.

Posted by Zoflora (18/06/2015)