Taking Zoflora on The Road

Think that Zoflora can only be used indoors? Think again! Restricting your Zoflora usage to just inside your home means you could be missing out on endless opportunities to revitalise, refresh and protect your family from those bacteria, viruses and nasty smells! Here is a quick guide to using Zoflora outside your front door.

Garage – Whether your garage is filled to the brim with clutter and mess or perfectly pristine with an organised box for every item, they unfortunately tend to be the last room on the cleaning list and can often become breeding grounds for bacteria and fusty smells. Blitz your garage with diluted Zoflora in a trigger spray, it’s the perfect solution to freshen up the dusty corners, hygienically clean up fridges and revamp garden furniture ready for summer.

Car- Are you looking to restore that fresh new car smell? Zoflora can do just that! A diluted solution of Zoflora wiped across your dashboard and other hard surfaces, will ensure that your car is free from pesky germs while leaving a sweet aroma that will last!

Tip: Why not soak an old car freshener or a piece of material in your favourite Zoflora scent and let the long-lasting fragrance freshen your car.

Caravan – Before your next road trip, ensure that your caravan is as bacteria free as your home! Cleaning your caravan with Zoflora will not only kill any unwanted germs and bacteria that could have been lurking for months, but will also leave a delightful fragrance for you and your family to enjoy. You can then relax knowing that your caravan is in tip top condition!

Horse box – Want to freshen up that stinky horse box? Simply pour 4 capfuls of Zoflora into 1.5 litres of hot water and get scrubbing! Allow to dry before letting your horse back in.

Garden – It may not be the most glamorous of tasks but there are endless opportunities to use Zoflora in your garden, from your patio and outside bins to your gardening tools. Cleaning with a diluted form of Zoflora will get your garden summer party ready!

Holiday Cottage – Do you sometimes feel disappointed that your holiday cottage is not as fresh as it could be? Why not take a bottle of Zoflora with you, and dilute it when you get to your holiday abode, then wipe down the kitchen surfaces to make sure they are hygienically clean and the home is fresh and fragrant. Why not check out our helpful how-to tutorials for extra hints and tips on Zoflora usage.

Posted by Zoflora (01/07/2015)