Mother and child cleaning together

Spring Cleaning Checklist

Preparation – Before you begin make sure you’re stocked full of the cleaning supplies you’ll need. You can shop Zoflora’s range here.

Clearing the clutter – Begin the clean by getting rid of any clutter around the house, people tend to hoard items during winter so make sure you get rid of or donate any unwanted items. For more de-cluttering tips see De-clutter Your Home: 7 stress-free ways to do it. 

Getting the family involved – Getting the whole family involved with the clean will make the process quicker and less tedious! Try putting on some music for motivation or plan a family reward for when the work is done!

Make a list – Creating a list of what jobs need doing in each room will help you manage your time and you can highlight which rooms such as bathroom & kitchens which will need extra attention.

Work on one room at a time – Concentrate on one room at a time. Cleaning 2 or 3 rooms per weekend is achievable and won’t leave you rushed off your feet.

Work from top to bottom – Start at the highest part of the room, such as dusting the light shades and finish by mopping the floor.

Deep clean your carpets – Carpets can trap a number of harmful allergy-provoking substances. The best way to refresh your carpets is by getting them cleaned professionally.

Lost-and-found - Use a storage container to stash lost toys, clothes and other small items that you find throughout your big clean.

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Posted by Zoflora (24/03/2015)