Picture of a post it with I Love you Mum written on it.

Why Mums are So Great!

Mother's Day only comes around once a year, which in our opinion isn't enough time to thank the woman who constantly wiped your snotty nose, taught you to walk and talk and gave you as much love as she possibly could. In preparation for your mother's day celebrations, here is a little reminder of why mums are such champions!

1. Mums are always there to comfort you when you're feeling down. Whether you're going through a tough break up or your sister ate the last piece of cake, mums will always know how to cheer you up after a bad day.

2. Mums give the best advice, sometimes it isn't exactly what you wanted to hear but it will be the best advice out there.

3. Mums are always honest. Shopping with mum is a great idea, you can always rely on mum to tell you if the dress doesn't look good.

4. Mums always make sure that you get the best view! Even if you have been sitting on her shoulders for over an hour…

5. Mums have endless amounts of patience. No matter how exhausted and fed up they are, mums always have time for their children.


6. You can always count on your mum to support your interests and encourage you to follow your dreams.

7. It doesn't matter what you have done, mums can never hold a grudge or stay mad at you. 

8. Mums always find the time to listen to endless stories, even if they are a tad dramatic.

9. Mums will always know when something is wrong, despite you repeatedly telling her otherwise.

10. Mums will always go out of their way to make sure you are happy!

Have a great Mother's Day!

Posted by (24/03/2015)