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Guest Blog: Top Housework Tips

Hi, I’m Caroline I blog at
As a busy mum of three small children, keeping on top of the housework has to be a well organised operation. I try to stick to a cleaning routine each week, keeping each day fairly simple so if I miss a day, it doesn’t take too much effort to catch up and I can keep it flexible if I have a busy week.

My daily tasks:
• Washing up and wiping surfaces in kitchen
• Putting the washing machine on and folding away clean washing
• Sweeping the floors
• Making the beds
• Cleaning the toilet
• Clearing cat litter
• General tidy up

Along with my daily tasks each day runs a bit like this:
Monday – Vacuum, steam mop and change the beds.
Tuesday – Thorough clean of kitchen and dining room.
Wednesday – Vacuum, steam mop, and run the duster around.
Thursday – Thorough clean of bathroom and ironing.
Friday – Vacuum, steam mop and disinfect the litter trays using diluted Zoflora Disinfectant. (

I try to keep the weekends as minimal as possible, just doing the daily tasks, and I usually do the weekend ironing on a Sunday night ready for school and work the next day.
There are a few other jobs that get completed as and when they are needed, such as cleaning windows, blinds, tiles, mirrors and skirting boards.

My top tips for a fresh home:
• I like to pour undiluted Zoflora Concentrated Disinfectant down the sink every so often and if there are any nasty smells, it eliminates them and leaves it smelling fresh again.
• I always have antibacterial wipes handy, even though I tend to use a spray and cloth more often than not. But the wipes are handy when I am in a rush.
• I have minimised the cleaning cupboard to just the products I like to use. I had found that I had a cupboard full of products that I wasn’t using.
• I try and get the children involved in the tidying up, not just toys but they have their own shoe box and they have to put away their shoes and bags.
• I try and complete the daily tasks as early in the day as possible, so it isn’t hanging over me for the rest of the day. On bed change day, I strip the beds as soon as we get up.



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