Caring for your Dog After a Visit to the Vets

Having a poorly pooch can be a distressing time for all the family, especially for your four legged friend requiring a trip to the vets. Your vet may give you some information about caring for your dog after any treatment and it is a good idea to get the whole family to read and understand it.

Depending on the type of treatment your dog has had, there can be a number of restrictions recommended by the vet to aid your pet's recovery, such as no off lead running for at least 10 days. As a family you are then faced with a dog who wants to do all the things he is used to doing, but can’t. This could then lead to your dog having excess energy, and getting up to all kinds of mischief.

If your dog requires rest and recuperation, then try providing your dog with some fun brain work instead. These games work your dog’s primary senses and can often tire a dog out more than physical exercise alone. Getting your dog to use their eyes and nose will provide them with stimulation to make up for that lack of exercise, which is needed to aid their recuperation.

Once your dog has had a few days to recover and adjust to being back home, make each mealtime a chance for them to work their brain. Hide their food in various locations in and outside the home, and then encourage them to find it. Dogs are natural scavengers, and when they are hunting for food, recovery can be aided because endorphins (happy hormones) are produced.

You can play a similar search game using pet toys, but keep it calm and make sure dog toys are clean and disinfected, as your pet's immune system may be weaker following the illness/surgery. Initially, hide the toy fairly close by to the pet, and encourage them to find it.

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Posted by Zoflora (09/10/2015)