A picture of a mother and daughter cleaning the kitchen together, both wearing rubber gloves and the child has a cloth in her hands.


Which Type of Cleaner are you?

Now Spring has sprung, many of us will begin the task of Spring cleaning, from de-cluttering wardrobes and drawers to scrubbing every inch of the house.
We may all perform similar cleaning tasks around the home, but we all have a different cleaning style.

Whilst some of us prefer to get the job done on our own, others believe many hands make light work and will enlist the whole family to help. Then there are those with a methodical approach to their cleaning regime, and those with busy family lives who may keep on top of things on a daily basis. Which type of cleaner are you?

The Lone Cleaner

If you are a person that believes if a job needs doing properly then do it yourself, then you are likely to be a Lone Cleaner’. Characteristics of a Lone Cleaner include avoiding or refusing help from your family, as you do not want to waste time dealing with delegating or having to check their work! You are likely to pack your family off for a day out while you turn on your favourite music and get to cleaning the house without interference.

The Methodical Cleaner

Methodical Cleaners treat their cleaning regime as a military operation, and will spend just as much time planning their cleaning as they do actually doing it. If you are this type of cleaner you will sit down and plan what needs doing and when it is going to be done, ensuring no stone is left unturned.

You will have special tools for the jobs and will not be a stranger to using an old toothbrush to scrub tricky areas on your toilet and bathroom grouting. Methodical Cleaners like their house to be spick and span, are borderline obsessive when it comes to cleanliness and tidiness and are likely to hand you a plate with your biscuit!

The Daily Cleaner

The Daily Cleaner runs a tight ship, and is likely to include the whole family in daily cleaning tasks to ensure the job gets done. Daily Cleaners are generally those with busy family lives where routine and delegating is a must. The daily cleaner will have drawn up a rota of tasks ensuring all the family knows what needs doing, when it needs doing and whose responsibility it is. Planning is key to the daily cleaner and a great deal of thought will have gone into the cleaning schedule.

The Team Cleaner

Like the Daily Cleaner, the Team Cleaner understands the importance of getting all of the family involved and will use gamification and rewards to encourage participation. The Team Cleaner doesn’t particularly enjoy cleaning, and doesn’t see it as solely their responsibility. While the Team Player may be focused on sharing the responsibility, they are equally as focused on rewarding the family for their hard work and once the work is done there will be plenty of time for fun.

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Posted by Zoflora (13/04/2016)