Natural Christmas Decoration Inspiration

A natural Christmas decoration theme is timeless and need not break the bank, many of the items needed can be found in your back garden or in the local park and with a little bit of craft can become eye catching decorations. The neutral colours of a natural decoration theme makes it perfect for adding any accent colour.

As well as looking great, natural Christmas decorations are also kinder to the environment than their plastic counterparts and are a great way of getting all the family involved. From gathering materials to making the decorations and decorating your home - the whole family will enjoy creating unique decorations.

It is important to mention that when you are gathering natural materials it is imperative that you clean them thoroughly with your favourite Zoflora fragrance before using as they may contain bacteria, germs or bugs harmful to your family or pets. Here are a few ideas to give you some inspiration for your natural Christmas decorations.

Cinnamon Bundles

Not only do these look great they also fill your home with a wonderful festive scent, cinnamon sticks are widely available at many supermarkets, craft shops and online retailers. To create take three cinnamon sticks, placing the thinnest one on top of the other two and then tie the bundle together with your chosen Christmas ribbon or use twine to stay with the natural colour scheme.

Once created, cinnamon bundles can be used to hang from Christmas trees, garlands and wreaths or could be used as part of table centrepieces and candle displays.

Twig Snowflakes

Children will love making twig snowflakes, to make you will need a selection of twigs collected from your garden or the local park and an adhesive. Start by making sure all your twigs are a similar length and thickness, take two twigs and make an X shape, once happy glue together and allow to dry.

Once dry glue your X shape twigs to the centre of another twig and attach a ribbon or twine at the top, so they can be hung on the Christmas tree. Either leave natural or decorate with embellishments, spray snow or glitter.

Nut Wreath

If you fancy something a bit different to the traditional leafy wreath, try making a nut wreath. You will need a wreath ring (available in most craft stores at this time of year), a selection of nuts (either shop bought or collected) and an adhesive.
To create simply glue the nuts to the wreath in your desired design and allow to dry overnight before hanging. Add more decoration with spray snow or include a bow made from your favourite festive ribbon.

Posted by Zoflora (07/12/2016)