Easy and Healthy Sugar Swaps

We expect to find added sugar in cakes, chocolates and fizzy drinks, but it may surprise you to learn that sugar is added to a variety of everyday foods and drinks (yes even those we think are healthy or low in fat!). Savoury foods such as white bread can contain up to 3g of sugar per slice, and you may think bottled flavoured water is a healthy choice for your family, but it can contain as much as 16.5 teaspoons per 1.5L bottle.

Over the course of the day many of us exceed the recommended daily sugar allowance without even realising. The best way to make the healthiest choice for your family is to always check nutritional labels, looking at the ‘carbs as sugars’ line in the nutritional panel. Less than 5g per 100g is low, and more than 22.5g per 100g is considered high.

Here are some simple and easy sugar swaps to help reduce your family’s ‘added sugar’ intake.

Wholegrain Bread & Cereals

Switching from white bread to its wholegrain counterpart could save you up to 1.4g of added sugar per slice. Swap your sugary breakfast cereal for a wholegrain cereal, such as porridge or Shredded Wheat, to help reduce your sugar intake. If you need to sweeten your cereal, add fresh or dried fruit instead of a sprinkle of sugar. While fruit still contains sugar, the big difference is that it is natural sugar and not added refined sugar.

If you are finding it hard to make this swap a permanent fixture in your family routine, take small steps by swapping for a few days each week. As you eat less added sugar, your tastes are likely to change and the sugary options may no longer be as appealing.

Sweet Treats

Ice lollies are a great treat for all the family all year round, but many contain a lot of sugar, with some containing up to 15g of sugar per lolly. Make your own fruit ice lollies by juicing your favourite fruits and freezing them in ice lolly moulds. You will require a juicer (not a blender) to do this, but there are many good models available that do not cost the earth. You can also make smoothies out of low fat yoghurt or milk and fruit, and freeze them in lolly moulds for a creamy low fat alternative to ice creams.

Juicing fruits and vegetables is a great way of making sweet-tasting drinks for your family that aren’t laden with added sugars, and contribute towards your ‘five a day’. Make sure you keep your kitchen worktops hygienic and free from bacteria, by regularly wiping over with your favourite Zoflora disinfectant .diluted with water.

Banana Milk

If your family love a good milkshake then they are in for a treat with this great recipe!
Add a banana, milk and a handful of fresh or frozen mixed berries to your blender and whizz for 20 to 30 seconds for a great, naturally sweet milkshake alternative. Experiment with other fruit combinations to create a quick and easy treat that contains natural, rather than added sugar. In comparison, no added sugar milkshake syrups contain around 8.3g of sugar per 25ml of syrup diluted in 175ml of semi-skimmed milk.


Posted by Zoflora (08/02/2016)