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Five Ways to Up-cycle

Five Ways to Upcycle

Many of us have items around the home such as jars, plant pots, scraps of wrapping paper or wallpaper that can be reused for alternative purposes. Finding new uses for items that may have otherwise been thrown out will help you to reduce your household waste, save you money and allow you to create bespoke items for your home.

So get your creative juices flowing and before you throw your unwanted items away, ask yourself if they could be upcycled. Upcycling can be enjoyed by the whole family, and kids will love getting involved and will take pride in their unique creations. Here are some tips for common household items to get you started.

Glass Jars

Glass jars are great for upcycling as they are so versatile, so whether it is a coffee jar, a jam jar or an unused storage jar, there are many things it could become. Upcycle your glass jars as tea light holders, pen pots, vases, plant pots or a scent diffuser. To create a scent diffuser, add your favourite Zoflora fragrance to your chosen glass jar and add bamboo skewers to disperse a fresh fragrance throughout your home (be sure to keep out of the reach of children or pets though).

Be creative with your designs; paint the jar with glass paint in your chosen colour scheme, or swirl a small amount of paint inside your jar to cover the bottom section and sides in a wave like pattern. Or keep it natural by wrapping a section of the jar in string or garden twine, and adding stones or pebbles for a great eco feel.


Wallpaper Pictures

Recycle leftover wallpaper by framing in photo frames. This is a simple, yet very effective way to create a bespoke piece of wall art, and helps you use those photo frames that are collecting dust in the cupboard. Want to try this but don’t have any wallpaper? Good quality wrapping paper works just as well.

Cake Stands

If your cake stand lives in the kitchen cupboard most of the time, why not use it to create a stunning table centrepiece by adding candles and a selection of foliage and berries. Unused tiered cupcake stands are great for storing fruit and vegetables.

Terracotta Plant Pots

Many of us have an array of unused plant pots in all shapes and sizes in the garden shed. These can be transformed into storage containers, and used for literally anything. Larger pots can be used to store items such as toilet rolls or logs and kindling for the fire, and smaller pots are great in the bathroom for cotton buds or cotton wall balls. Paint your pots to match your desired colour scheme and use stencil designs to create a truly bespoke storage solution.

Tissue Box

A used tissue box has a variety of alternative uses, such as keeping your carrier bags neat and easily accessible, with the plastic film helping to dispense them one at a time. They are also great for keeping in the car to pop wrappers in, and can be easily emptied when you get home.


Posted by Zoflora (11/01/2016)