Getting your Garden Ready for Summer

Now that Spring has well and truly sprung, many of us are starting to think about getting the garden ready for Summer, but after months of neglect over the Winter months where do you start? 


5 Ways to Get your Garden Ready for Summer

With the temperature rising and the days getting longer, May is the best time to start preparing your garden for Summer and make it an extension of your home. Here are just 5 ways to get your garden ready for Summer:

1. Late Spring is the best time to prune shrubs, and if you haven’t already done so remove the remains of last year’s flowering (dead heading). Pruning is good practice to thin out the older wood, to improve the strength and health of your plants.

2. Although growth slows down over the cooler months, the recent mild Winter could have led to your flowerbeds becoming over run with weeds. Starting your weeding now can help prevent seedlings of invasive weeds becoming established, and can make it easy to keep your beds weed free in the summer.

3. When choosing plants for your garden whether it be for flower beds, pots or hanging baskets, think about the colours and the fragrances of the plants and how they will complement each other. Create a landscape that adds personality with items such as statues, boulders, benches or a trellis.

4. Set aside some time to clean your water feature if you have one, to help keep it looking great throughout the Summer months.

5. The Winter weather can take its toll on your lawn, and leave it looking a little sorry for itself. Spring is the perfect time to give your lawn a healthy boost, by using a lawn feed full of minerals to help it grow lusciously thick and green in time for Summer. Keep your lawn looking green and healthy by raising the level of your mower blades, to avoid over cutting and damaging your grass.

Zoflora are delighted to be creating a garden for the RHS Royal Hampton Court Palace Flower Show this year, which takes place between 5th-10 July 2016. The theme of the garden is ‘Outstanding Natural Beauty’ and is inspired by the patterns of the Yorkshire landscape. You can book tickets online or by phone on 0844 338 7502.

Posted by Zoflora (02/05/2016)