Alternatives to Chocolate Advent Calendars

Do you like the tradition of advent calendars, but aren’t keen on giving your children all that chocolate? If you have children who don’t like chocolate, or maybe you're looking for an advent calendar for teens or adults, then why not consider making your own advent calendar without the chocolate fillers.

You may have seen that there are a wide range of DIY advent calendars available, often in the form of a wooden house with numbered drawers or boxes which can be filled with anything that fits. If you're feeling really creative you could make your own out of sewn pockets, numbered envelopes or individual boxes.

The size of your advent calendar and the age of the recipient will affect the sorts of items you can use to fill your advent calendar, here are a few tips to get you started.


Non-Chocolate Advent Calendar Ideas for Young Children

Think about what your child enjoys, and then look for gifts that are related to their interests, many supermarkets and discount shops sell party bag fillers that would be great for filling a DIY advent calendar. Still want to include sweet treats? Get a selection of organic fruit treats that are made with natural products, such as mini fruit bears.

Get crafty with your ideas and include things for your child to make and do, such as mini colouring pencils and mini puzzles. Keyrings, stickers and badges also make great fillers for children's advent calendars.


Non-Chocolate Advent Calendar Ideas for Teenagers

If you’ve got teens or tweens you may find they have grown out of advent calendars, reignite their interest by creating them an advent calendar full of treats they’ll love. Think about filling their advent calendars with gift cards, music downloads, soaps, candles, beauty products and fragrances, such as bath foams, nail varnishes or even miniature perfumes and aftershaves.


Non-Chocolate Advent Calendar Ideas for Adults

If you are looking for ideas for adult advent calendar fillers, think about including socks, underwear, specialist teas and coffees, alcoholic gifts, truffles, beauty products, ties, miniature perfumes and aftershaves, inspirational messages and jewellery. The ideas are endless as long as the items can fit into your advent calendar! Creating your own advent calendar is not only a great alternative to a chocolate advent calendars but it also allows you to create a bespoke advent calendar tailored to the recipients likes and interests.

Posted by Zoflora (14/11/2016)