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How to Declutter your Home Before Christmas

Many of us accumulate an abundance of clutter throughout the year without even realising it. Having a declutter before Christmas will help you to make space for extra gifts, goodies and guests over the festive period. Many of us use the New Year period to have a clear out but it actually makes sense to do it before Christmas to free up present hiding space and storage space.

From your kitchen cupboards to your children’s bedrooms, here are a few tips to make your home feel calmer and more spacious this Christmas.

Free up Storage Space

Decluttering storage areas like those under your beds, as well as inside wardrobes, drawers and storage units, will not only provide extra present hiding space, it will also provide extra storage space for new items received over Christmas. You may even save a few pennies if you find forgotten or unwanted items that could make Christmas presents or be sold to give you more Christmas spending money.

Tackle the Toys

If you’re a parent, you will be only too aware of the overwhelming number of toys and games your children will receive at Christmas to join their already vast collection. Speak to your children about having a sort through their toys to decide which ones they are going to keep and then donate the unwanted ones to charity.

Children can be very generous and will get a sense of pride knowing that their toys have brought happiness to children that aren’t as lucky as them. While you are sorting through the toys it is a good time to make sure they are germ free by giving them a thorough clean with your favourite diluted Zoflora fragrance.

Get Creative in the Kitchen

Christmas means lots of extra food and treats to store, so why not free up some space in the kitchen and save a few pennies by cooking meals that use the jars and tins in your cupboards and the food in your freezer. Using up the ingredients you already have is a great way of exploring with new recipes and looking for new inspiration when it comes to cooking.

Blitz the Spare Room

If like many of us you are expecting guests over the Christmas period, give your spare room a good blitz. The spare room can often become the family dumping ground for anything and everything from piles of ironing to empty cardboard boxes. Make room for your guests by decluttering the spare room and making sure there is plenty of space for them.

When you are decluttering your home ensure that you recycle as much as you can, if you have unwanted items someone is bound to want them, either sell them or donate them to charity.

Posted by Zoflora (07/11/2016)