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Back to School: Tips to Help Children Get Back into Their Routine

With the summer holidays coming to an end, many parents are starting to make preparations for the kids going back to school. After at least a six week break from the daily school routine, this can be a struggle for many parents and children, and the first couple of weeks back can be a difficult time as everyone adjusts. However, there are a few things you can do to make your child’s return to school a little bit easier.

Get Plenty of Rest

During the summer holidays many parents are less strict with their children's bedtime routine, with many children being allowed to stay up a bit later. Getting to stay up late is a great treat for the holidays, but try to avoid allowing late nights at least a week before the school term starts. Getting your child back into a good bedtime routine before term starts will help them adjust to the school routine better, and help them to be more productive and focused.

Some children may be reluctant to go back to their term time routine, so make sure you stay active during the last couple of weeks of the holidays so they are ready for an earlier bedtime. It is also important to speak to your child about the importance of a good routine, and how it will help them when term starts.

Get Organised

The first couple of weeks back at school are hectic, with new teachers, possibly new schools and grumpy tired children to contend with. Getting organised will help make the transition back to school that bit easier, so try to get in the habit of preparing school lunches, uniforms and book bags the night before to make your mornings run a little smoother.

An even better idea is to get the children involved with the preparation. This will give them a sense of achievement, and make them more able to find the things they need for the day ahead, reducing those frantic morning questions of “where are my shoes?” or “is my lunch ready?”.

Allow Time for Yourself

If you are stressed and in a rush, this will have an effect on your child and make them feel stressed, which isn’t the best start to the day. Get everything prepared the night before and allow plenty of time for yourself in the morning to get yourself dressed or have a coffee in peace, so you are ready to face the day by the time the children wake up.

Fuel for the Mind

Summer holidays are all about treats, from the ice cream at the beach to the fizzy drinks at the family BBQ, and while a treat every now and then won’t do your child any harm, it could affect their focus and behaviour if treats become part of their normal routine. Think about what they are eating and be sure to include plenty of fresh fruit and vegetables in their diet. Keeping your child hydrated with water will improve their concentration and alertness, making them ready to tackle the school day.

Posted by Zoflora (09/09/2016)