The Ultimate Guide To Entertaining The Kids This Summer

When it comes to the summer holidays, there are two polar opinions that run through a parent’s mind:

‘I’m so excited to spend some quality time with my children and wave goodbye to the early morning school runs!’

 But let’s be honest, on the most part it’s more like:

‘How am I supposed to keep my children entertained for SIX WHOLE WEEKS?’

To help you survive, we’ve compiled a list of fun-packed activities that will tire out the kids and make sure you still have some time to kick back at the end of the day. And don’t worry; some of them won’t even cost you a penny!


Explore Nature

It seems most children these days would opt to spend a day inside with their xBox over heading outside into the great outdoors. A few hours on the ipad after school to keep them busy whilst you make dinner is one thing, but try to avoid six weeks of screen time. Break it up with these outdoor activities and encourage your children to be active this summer.

Build a den - a 3 year old will think it’s a castle and teenagers will jump at the chance for a personal hideaway. All you need are some chairs, string and a few bed sheets – get creative! There are some great tutorials online if you’re struggling.

Build an obstacle course –utilise hula hoops, space hoppers and bean bags to create a game the kids won’t forget in your back garden. You could even host a sports day if you have multiple children at hand, with mini prizes to get them excited.

Pack a picnic – head to the nearest woodland area or national park to explore. Let your kids devise a menu, or even take them to the supermarket to pick out what they’d like, it’ll make them feel like adults for the day! To find the nearest national park, visit for more info.

Woodland Trust – check out their completely free service, which provides downloadable guides for outdoor fun including games, arts and crafts, and more. It even has activities for days where the weather isn’t being our friend. 


Get Creative

Whether it’s in the kitchen or an afternoon of arts and crafts, here are some ideas on how get those creative juices flowing.

Child-friendly baking - the trick to cooking with children is finding a recipe that has few ingredients. Use store-bought bases to make homemade pizza, or you could visit the BBC Good food website to explore their ideas for kids - our personal favourite is a recipe for Unicorn cookies

Decorate their room -use fairy lights and pegs to hang up all their artwork; transform old jars into lanterns by painting the outsides and adding a tea light; or if you’re feeling really creative, why not try your hand at crafting a dream catcher with paper plates and string

Games at home - creating games at home is a cost-friendly way to entertain children. Step up from the traditional hide and seek and create a treasure hunt around the house. Start by writing down riddles on pieces of paper that lead to the next clue and hide your treasure at the end. For younger kids, play the ‘find the colour’ game where you have to find as many objects around the house that are a certain colour.


Find Freebies

The summer holidays can be a drain on your bank account. Fortunately, there are plenty of free activities out there if you’re willing to search for them.

Museums - there are 170 free museums in the UK, most of which are child-friendly with lots of interactive tasks to get involved in and places to eat when they get peckish. Check out the RAF Museum in London, the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester or the National Museum Cardiff.

Clubcards - next time you’re in Tesco picking up your favourite Zoflora fragrance, don’t forget to swipe your clubcard. You can spend your points on cinema tickets, restaurant vouchers, zoo tickets and theme parks!

Play dates - those five minutes you spend standing around waiting for your child to be released from school is crucial; it’s your time to source out the perfect candidate to schedule in weekly play dates with. Play dates give both parents a day off to go about their day child-free and it costs nothing (just a return of the favour of course!)

Posted by Zoflora (01/08/2018)