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Do You Want To Spend Less This Christmas?

It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas! ‘Tis the season of festive markets, ice rinks and visits to Father Christmas’ grotto. Getting in the Christmas spirit is exciting…but it’s also expensive. Between buying presents, laying out a Christmas Day feast and planning lots of family day outs, the costs of the jolliest time of year quickly add up.

Stop worrying! There are plenty of ways to save a few pennies. Here are our tips on how to spend less this Christmas.

Shop Online

Whatever gifts you have on the list for your friends and family this year, forget battling the crowds on the high street to do your shopping. Instead, plan a trip to your keyboard and order your presents online. Online shops are often cheaper than in stores, plus you might be able to find discount codes. Google the name of the store you’re purchasing from alongside “voucher code” to see what offers you can find!

Secret Santa

If your Christmas list seems to be getting longer and longer every year, see if you can convince your group of friends or your close family to do Secret Santa. That way, instead of having to find a gift for every single person, you only need to worry about buying one. It means you only receive one present in return, but hey, there’s more to Christmas than just the gift, right?

Homemade Gifts

We know what you’re thinking – no one wants a DIY gift. Whether it’s sentimental or not, most homemade gifts end up stuck in the back of a drawer never to be seen again. But hear us out! Everyone loves a treat at Christmas time, so put your chef hat on and whip up a few festive delights. Whether you make muffins, fudge or rocky road, edible gifts are certain to put a smile on their face and won’t end up gathering dust.

Christmas Dinner

We know how tempting it is to throw in a few extra roast potatoes here and a few extra Yorkshire puddings there, but try not to go too overboard on your Christmas dinner. No one will miss that extra bag of sprouts and after all the chocolate, no one manages to eat as much turkey as they planned anyway. Plan ahead and start picking up parts of your meal in advance, so you can spread out the cost. Make sure you have plenty of room in the freezer and keep everything in there until it needs cooking on Christmas morning.

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Posted by Zoflora (01/12/2018)