Top 5 Ways To Get Your Garden Summer Party Ready

Let’s face it, during the winter months we all neglect our beloved gardens. After all, why leave the comfort of the couch to remove weeds in minus degree temperatures? Now that we’ve finally seen some summer sunshine in the UK, it’s the perfect time to start prepping your garden ready for all those family barbecues and parties.

To help you out, here are our top five tips on how to transform your garden into a British summer paradise.



Scrubbing down your patio areas sounds like hard graft, but with a hand from Zoflora, it’s never been easier. Dilute your chosen fragrance of Zoflora disinfectant in a bucket of water and pour the solution over your patio. Use a hard bristle yard brush to scrub the surface, rinse with water and that’s it! We recommend one of our newest fragrances ‘Paradise Peach’ or ‘Tropical Twist’ to give your garden a fruity aroma.
(Not suitable for use on concrete imprint, patch test an inconspicuous area first if unsure.)

Next step is to pull out all your garden furniture from the shed and get rid of all those cobwebs. Simply use a cloth, which has been soaked in diluted Zoflora disinfectant, to wipe away any grime or dirt. You could even scatter cushions and rugs around your furniture to give your garden a cosier feel.



During winter, who doesn’t love to decorate their homes with fairy lights and candles, but why not the summer? If your party is going into the evening, twinkling lights will give your garden a magical atmosphere whilst also hiding any indiscretion you may of missed (for example, the fence you may not of had time to paint!) A little DIY activity could be to use old storage jars tied with a piece of string to hang from tree branches with a tea light, creating homemade lanterns.



Having a space for the children to play is a great way to enjoy your friends and families company whilst knowing your children are entertained. Setting up a simple tepee using panels of cotton fabric and bamboo canes is an affordable DIY task. Sew a length of ribbon into a channel at the very top to secure the tepee and voila, a little hideaway for the kids. Fill the space with games and snacks and children can enjoy their own little party.



A top tip for any garden party is to make sure you have an outdoor container to keep drinks cool. Whether it’s a store bought cool box or a makeshift drinks cooler filled with ice, having a place to reach for drinks outside, stops people traipsing potentially muddy shoes through the house to find refreshments.

The same goes for food; setting up a small gazebo where food can be served is a great idea for any party - especially with unpredictable English weather.



If you don’t have the time to look after live plants in your garden in time for a party, then buying premade potted plants to decorate short term is the perfect solution. Freshen up the look of your garden by dotting around a few potted plants and a couple of hanging flower baskets to give your garden a splash of colour. You could even buy fake one’s so that, once the party is over, you can reuse all your purchases inside to give your home a lively boost of greenery.

An idea inspired by our new Tropical Twist fragrance is to bring a tropical theme to your party tables by hollowing out pineapples and filling them with vibrant flowers. You could then use the fresh pineapple for a party snack, or a homemade juice.


Posted by Zoflora (01/07/2018)