How To Get Ahead Of The Crowds This Christmas

Less than 60 days to go until Christmas!

Halloween felt like yesterday, your ears are still ringing from the fireworks on Bonfire Night and you’ve still not unpacked your suitcase from your summer holiday - but ready or not, Christmas is just around the corner. 

Every year we’re in such a rush to get everything done before the big day, we always manage to forget at least one present and end up shopping on Christmas Eve. Sound familiar? This year, we’re giving you a little nudge to get started early.

If you’re the type who usually leaves everything to the last minute, here are our top tips to get ahead of the crowds this Christmas.


Christmas Shopping

For some people, it’s a dreadful, exhausting chore. For others, it’s an enjoyable, festive delight. No matter how you feel about Christmas shopping, it never hurts to start early!

October might feel too early to start your Christmas shopping, but this is what makes it a perfect time to start. By the time November rolls around, the early bird has gotten the worm and the best gifts are sold out. Most stores put their Christmas stock out in October, so strike first and pick up a few gifts your loved ones.

Not only will it feel good to get all your Christmas shopping finished, but you’ll also miss the hordes of stressed customers. Instead, you can browse tidy stores at your own pace – bliss!

Really can’t face Christmas shopping this year? We have two words for you: online shopping. In the last few years, customers have been moving to online shopping more and more. You can find personal, unique gifts for those people that are particularly difficult to buy for on websites like Esty and Not On The High Street.  


Christmas Trees

What’s better than getting the family together to put up the Christmas tree? From untangling the lights to placing the fairy on top, it’s a highlight of the festive season. Whether you prefer a 6ft living tree or an artificial pink and white one, make sure you don’t miss out on your perfect tree this Christmas.

The best way to get ahead is to know what you want early. If you’re after an artificial tree, start browsing stores and sites to find out which style of tree you like. Once you have found The One, you can pre-order it to be delivered in December or save it to your basket until you’re ready.

If you’re after a living tree, find out early where your local Christmas tree markets will be so you can reserve the best picks or pre-order one to be delivered straight to your door.

Christmas Dinner

Introducing, the real star of the show this Christmas…the turkey! If you’re like us and Christmas revolves around the heavenly food, then you’ll want to make sure you secure the best and most delicious turkey for the big day.

Don’t leave the turkey shopping too late, or you might end up with one the size of a small chicken. Figure out how many people you will be feeding this Christmas, so you can prepare the freezer space or pre-order one the ideal size from your local butcher. One less thing to worry about the week before Christmas!


Before Christmas sneaks up on you, start bringing all the decorations down from the loft. Give the baubles a clean and start untangling the lights, so you can see what you already have and what you might need to replace this year.

If your Christmas lights didn’t survive their year in storage, or if you’re after some fresh decorations, then now is the best time to get first pick of all the new decorations in stores. The local garden centres and high street stores are already filled with lights and decorations, but they will begin to disappear as Christmas approaches.

Most of all, enjoy the festive cheer and do what you should be doing at Christmas…relaxing!

Posted by Zoflora (01/11/2018)