Boo-tiful Home Décor Ideas For Halloween


Has Halloween sneaked up on you? With just a few weeks to go, it’s time to start thinking about decorating your home. From ghastly ghouls hung from the ceiling to severed hands in the snack bowls, Halloween décor certainly isn’t known for its modesty.

But who says Halloween decor has to be garish? If spooky isn’t your style, don’t worry, you don’t need to dread October 31st. When the usual decorations make you scream, ditch the bright orange pumpkins and blood splattered wall stickers, and opt for something more sophisticated. Here are our top ideas for tasteful Halloween decorations.


Light up your home with candles

Let candles light the way to perfect Halloween décor. Flickering lights create an eerie atmosphere, without being overly ornate or gaudy, and chances are you already have a few hiding around the house. Strategically place a few candles around your home, turn the lights down and enjoy the darker ambience. Who says the dark has to be scary? (Or expensive!)



Craft an autumnal flower arrangement

When spring and summer come to an end, most of us wouldn’t think to fill our home with fresh flowers. However, as the weather gets colder there are plenty of beautiful flowers that continue to bloom – think sunflowers, daisies and lilies. Opt for cosy, rich colours like red, orange and cream to craft a bouquet worthy of display this autumn. Remember to pick a gothic vase for a touch of Halloween glam.



Transport your guests to a Twilight Garden

The trick to nailing a Halloween vibe in your home is to go beyond the décor and target all the senses. Fill your home with the fragrance of autumn - Zoflora Twilight Garden is a blend of moonlight flowering lilies with the richness of ylang and jasmine, perfectly balanced with uplifting notes of peach, apple and long-lasting musk. Available in supermarkets, such as Asda, Tesco, Morrisons and Sainsburys.



Spray paint your pumpkins

Pumpkins are a staple of Halloween décor. But frankly, we put a lot of thought into our interior colour scheme and orange didn’t make the cut. Fear not! Simply spray paint your pumpkins in a colour of your choice to transform them into a trendy decoration you’ll be proud of. We love these white and gold pumpkins, which can be arranged with flowers and other accessories to make a striking Halloween centrepiece.



Decorate with fairy lights

As the autumn weather settles in, the days get shorter and darker so add a little light back into your life with string lights. Mimic the stars in the sky and create a relaxing atmosphere in your home by dotting the lights around your furniture. Try filling a jar with lights to create an Instagram-friendly accessory that screams “night time” without resorting to bats, zombies or gravestones!

Posted by Zoflora (01/10/2018)