NEW Fresh Home, Green Valley

Finally, the season has turned and we are welcoming warmer weather. No longer are we surrendering to blustering winds and bitter cold. The sun is beginning to beam and the grass continues to green. What better way to celebrate than welcoming a new member to the Zoflora Fresh Home family? Say hello to Green Valley.

A delicate blend of crisp green leaves and wildflowers, Green Valley is a lively, floral fragrance. Designed specially to eliminate pet-specific odours including urine, vomit, excrement and wet-dog smell and to be sensitive to their noses, Green Valley caters to all.

Developed by our expert perfumers at the International Fragrance and Flavour’s Research and Development Centre in Holland, Green Valley is a premium quality fragrance which will leave your home feeling as fresh as the pure air of the Yorkshire Dales.


Top Notes:

 Sweet Apple

Middle Notes:

Lily of the Valley, Fresh Green Notes

 Base Notes:

Fresh Wild Flowers


Invite the smell of beautiful blooms into your home this year with this fragrant sweet scent. Green valley opens with the zesty aroma of apple and leads onto soft, mellow tones of Lily of the Valley and earthy green leaves, perfectly balanced with wonderful wildflowers mountain pansy and buttercup.

As with the entire Zoflora collection, Green Valley eliminates 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, including those which animals are most vulnerable to, such as flu, diarrhoea and kennel cough.

Green Valley is a strongly sought after 500ml fragrance, so grab some while you can from Asda or Morrisons!

Posted by Zoflora (08/04/2019)