Clean Home, Clean Mind

We all know how quickly clutter and dirt can build up in our homes. Did you know that the state of our homes can actually have an impact on our mental health? Research shows that cleaning for just ten minutes a day can provide a wealth of benefits to our mental health.

So How Can The Simple Act of Cleaning Help to Clear Our Minds?

Cleaning has been found to have positive effects on our mental health by helping us gain a sense of control over our environment, whilst being absorbed in the activity itself can also help calm your mind. It has also been found to help improve mood and provide us with a sense of satisfaction. Want to know more? Keep reading...

Time to Declutter

Several studies have found that having clutter in our homes can have a negative impact on our mental health, resulting in feelings of tension and uncertainty. Clutter can overstimulate the senses as it is often seen as unfinished business. As a result, large amounts of clutter can reduce our ability to concentrate on other tasks and affect our ability to focus. Researchers have also found that people who describe their home as ‘messy’ display increased levels of the stress hormone cortisol. So what better reason is there to have a good old clear out and see how it can boost your positivity and mood?

Endorphin Boost

It is well known that exercise releases endorphins which give us that amazing feel-good factor when we have finished a workout. Cleaning is a great form of exercise you can do from the comfort of your own home and in turn, it can help to relieve stress.

As an added bonus, you could burn as much as 102 calories from only an hour of light effort household cleaning or up to 204 calories during vigorous tasks, such as giving the bathroom a good scrub! Not to mention there is also a great feeling of satisfaction and accomplishment in being able to tick all of those cleaning jobs off your ‘Hinch list’. Head to our fragrance finder and discover your next must-have fragrance, then put on the music, work through that list and feel the endorphins wash that stress away.

Fresh Fragrances

The scent of your home, often resulting from the fragrance of your cleaning products, can also have a huge effect on your mood. Certain scents can give you a much-needed lift, making you feel more energised, motivated and refreshed, whilst others can help you relax and reduce feelings of stress.

In need of a boost? Try energising citrus fragrances such as Pink Grapefruit, Paradise Peach and Lemon Zing. Alternatively, if you want to create a sense of calmness in your home, give Honeysuckle and Jasmine, Lavender Escape or Twilight Garden a go.

Sleep Better

Most of us are well aware of the benefits that a good night’s sleep can have on your mood, but trying to sleep in a messy room can be a real struggle. Clearing your bedroom of clutter can help your mind to switch off, allowing you to fall asleep faster and have a better quality of sleep. Sleeping in a clean bedroom filled with relaxing fragrances such as lavender and jasmine can also help you unwind and drift off to sleep. You can also keep your bedroom smelling fresh between cleans with our top tip - a spritz of diluted Lavender Escape onto your curtains or rug before settling in for a great night’s sleep will fill your bedroom with soothing scents of lavender throughout the night.

So with all of these great cleaning benefits to be had, grab your Zoflora and see how a little cleaning can help your mental well-being!

Posted by (01/07/2019)