Fresh Home

Tested to be effective against animal odours, including urine, wet dog, cat litter, vomit and faecal matter. Kills 99% of bacteria and viruses, including those which can cause illness in animals, such as flu, diarrhoea, Strangles in horses, Kennel Cough in dogs and Snuffles in rabbits.

Formulated specifically to target bacteria, viruses and odours that affect pet areas inside and outside your home. Safe to use on floors, carpets, walls, cages, pet beds, artificial grass, litter trays, kennels and more. Does not contain Phenols. Always allow surfaces to dry completely before your pet comes into contact with them.

Concentrated Disinfectant

Available sizes


Dilute with water
Dilute with water
Multi-room, multi-use
Multi-room, multi-use
Safe around pets when dry
Safe around pets when dry
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Fresh Home has been specially developed to be better tolerated by your pet’s more delicate sense of smell. The Mountain Air fragrance is an outdoorsy ozonic blend, with zingy citrus and delicate florals.



Sea-like notes give a crisp and airy feel. An invigorating fragrance, with a vibrant heart.


Light citrus

Crisp and sharp citrus, perfectly balanced to add a delicate, uplifting note.



A bouquet of beautiful flowers – a harmony of soft, delicate fragrance.

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