Hello Spring

Easy to use, multi-room and multi-use disinfectant that banishes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Simply dilute in water and wipe or spray around your home. Available in a selection of long lasting fragrances for all day freshness in and around the home.

Invite the scent of spring into your home with our new limited edition fragrance, Hello Spring! Perfect for long-lasting freshness and eliminating odours, while killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses.

Concentrated Disinfectant

3 in 1 action | 99.9% bacteria & viruses killed | Odours elimnated | All day freshness

Available sizes


Dilute with water
Dilute with water
Multi-room, multi-use
Multi-room, multi-use
Safe around pets when dry
Safe around pets when dry


A sparkling green floral blend, based on wild spring flowers and refreshed with uplifting citrus notes. Full of rich florals, combined with hints of bergamot, it's a fragrance certain to awaken every room in your house.



A soft, mellow citrus scent; reminiscent of Earl Grey tea.


Lily of the Valley

A sweet, green floral with a clean and bright profile.



Beautiful, clean fragrance with a peppery zing. Adds a refreshing, floral scent.

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