Introducing New Pink Grapefruit!

We are so excited to introduce our brand new Zoflora fragrance, Pink Grapefruit.

This sparkling and zesty fragrance was created by last year’s ‘Fragrance Challenge’ competition winner Maria Ellis, who won the opportunity of travelling to Holland with Zoflora, to visit International Fragrance and Flavour’s (IFF) Research and Development Centre, where all the new Zoflora fragrances are created.

Maria worked with Zoflora’s expert perfumers at IFF, and inspired them to create this fresh and fruity tropical fragrance with her love of citrus scents in mind.

Alongside keynotes of grapefruit are mango and red fruits with a delicate floral heart, which combine beautifully to make a scent that reminds us of a tropical island paradise.

This fragrance will refresh and revitalise any room it is used in, leaving a beautiful long-lasting fragrance whilst also keeping pesky bacteria and viruses at bay. As well as the main keynotes, Pink Grapefruit also features hints of orange flower, mango and pomegranate, to truly revitalise your senses!

We are certain Pink Grapefruit will become one of your new favourite Zoflora fragrances, and will transport you to warmer climes in time for Summer (without even leaving your home!).

Posted by Zoflora (01/06/2015)