Protect your pet

It is important to remember that if you use Zoflora correctly, follow the instructions and keep the bottles well out of reach, it is a safe product to use in your home and around your pets.

As with all disinfectants and other household chemicals, ensure that Zoflora is used safely. When correctly diluted, Zoflora disinfectant may be used where most pets are kept. It will kill bacteria and eliminate unpleasant odours. 

Remember, do not allow pets to lick or walk on newly treated surfaces - keep them off the surface until dry. Follow the on pack instructions on dilution and usage before using the product.


Using Zoflora around your pets

As with any other household cleaning product, it is important that you follow the instructions for use - regardless of whether your home has pets!

If you are using Zofora in a household with pets, don’t let your furry family onto the floors or surfaces until they are completely dry. If you have fish or reptiles in tanks, make sure they are covered over while you clean with Zoflora and for at least half an hour afterwards.

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Keep Zoflora out of the way of curious pets!

The scents of Zoflora are why we love it but they can also attract our pets as well. Make sure the cupboards where you store your Zoflora are secure and consider wiping down the bottles after use, so there are no undiluted drips on the outside.  Also, take care to keep the mop and bucket out of reach of inquisitive noses, particularly while you are cleaning.