A picture of two golden retrievers drinking water out of a bottle, outside.


Keep your Pets Healthy and Happy this Summer

Summer is a great time for pets and their owners to get outside. But whilst us humans may enjoy the warm weather that Summer generally brings, it can bring about some additional health considerations for our furry friends.

Very hot weather can pose a risk of heatstroke to our pets, and parasites and open water also pose a threat to the health of cats and dogs in particular, as they are likely to spend more time outdoors.

Keep your pets healthy and happy this summer with our helpful tips.

Staying Cool

Hot weather can be one of the biggest risks to pets. High temperatures can make surfaces such as roads and pavements too hot to walk on, and can even burn animal’s paws. Avoid burnt paws by walking dogs at cooler times of the day, and avoid letting cats out during the hottest periods of the day. Pets can quickly overheat, so never leave your pet alone in cars, caravans or conservatories as temperatures can reach 40 degrees in just 30 minutes - even on milder days.

Keep smaller pets such as hamsters and rabbits cool by moving their hutches out of direct sunlight, either to a shaded part of the garden or indoors. Check hutches regularly to ensure they are out of direct sunlight, and always ensure that all pets have a fresh supply of water to avoid dehydration and heatstroke. Like humans, pets will drink more when hot so keep an eye on their water supply as they are likely to need it refilling more frequently.

Pesky Parasites

The warmer weather during the summer months acts as a breeding ground for parasites such as ticks, fleas and maggots. Always check your pet for parasites if they have been outside - especially cats and dogs that have been in areas that contain long grass or open water.

Rabbits are at risk from flystrike in the summer, so keep their hutch clean to avoid flies being attracted to them. Prevention is always better than cure, so keep your pet’s flea treatments up to date and make sure their bedding and cages are clean and disinfected regularly.

Keeping Clean

Keep pets bedding extra clean during the summer months to reduce the risk of ticks and fleas, and to help your pet feel fresh. During the hot weather, pets will sweat more, so ensure that pet bedding is washed frequently.

Using a cloth soaked in diluted Zoflora, wipe down the inside and outside of your pet bed or cage. Using a toothbrush can help to remove any hidden bacteria from hard to reach areas. Place any soft bedding into a washing machine, and add 2 caps of Zoflora to the rinse cycle (fabric softener compartment) to get rid of odours and add a fragrant freshness.
*Make sure all pet bedding, toys and pet areas are dry before your pets have access.

Posted by Zoflora (04/08/2016)