Country Garden

Easy to use, multi-room and multi-use disinfectant that banishes 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Simply dilute in water and wipe or spray around your home. Available in a selection of long lasting fragrances for all day freshness in and around the home.

From tiles to bins, patios to garden furniture, Zoflora's Country Garden kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria while bringing a fresh romantic scent of rose and apple blossom into your home.

Concentrated Disinfectant

3 in 1 action | 99.9% bacteria & viruses killed | Odours elimnated | All day freshness

Available sizes


Dilute with water
Dilute with water
Multi-room, multi-use
Multi-room, multi-use
Safe around pets when dry
Safe around pets when dry


Like taking a charming walk through the countryside, past cottages with wild flowers, catching a hint of rose, blossom and an abundance of fresh country air.


Apple Blossom

Relatives of the rose family, this romantic scent adds notes of honeysuckle.



The inspiration for the new Kenzo and Chloe perfumes, rose adds a soothing and harmonising scent.



An aromatic scent used commonly as the base notes in popular perfumery, adds comforting and healing notes.

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