Pet Items

Zoflora is a multi-room, multi-use product that can be used throughout the home to combat the spread and reproduction of bacteria and germs brought into the home. When used as part of your daily routine, you can relax knowing your family are protected.

Pet Toys

Pet Toys

Pet toys carry millions of bacteria which can be transferred onto hands if picked up and potentially cause infections.

Simply dilute your chosen Zoflora disinfectant with water and soak your pets plastic chew toys in the water to be thoroughly disinfected. Rinse thoroughly with clean water and allow to dry before returning to your pet.

Litter Trays

Litter Trays

If not cleaned properly, litter trays can become a health risk to the family. Using a disinfectant spray like Zoflora to clean out litter trays will ensure that you remove the harmful bacteria that may be hiding as well as eliminate those nasty smells that can come with pet mess.

After emptying the litter tray, spray thoroughly with diluted Zoflora disinfectant and wipe out with a cloth or kitchen roll.

Baskets and Cages

Zoflora is safe to use in your pets' baskets, kennels, hutches and cages to hygienically clean these areas, eliminating any pet related bacteria and odours. Allow to dry before returning pets to the area.

Add your favourite Zoflora fragrance to a trigger spray containing water, then spray directly onto the area and wipe over with a cloth.

Pet Mess

If you're toilet training your pet accidents are going to happen and when they do it's important they are cleaned correctly using a disinfectant. Wearing gloves remove the pet mess and then clean the area using your favourite fragrance of Zoflora diluted with water. This will not only kill any harmful germs and bacteria but also remove the nasty odour.

Dilute your favourite Zoflora fragrance into a mop bucket of water and use to mop over hard floor surfaces.

Food Bowl

Food Bowl

How to hygienically clean pet items

Tip of the Month

Banish the bin

I always give the inside of the kitchen and recycling bin a spray with diluted Zoflora disinfectant, to remove the nasty smells and germs!