Using Zoflora

When you use Zoflora as part of your daily routine, you can relax knowing your loved ones are protected. The Zoflora Collection can be used throughout your home to leave spaces hygienically clean and beautifully fragrant.

Door handles

How dirty can a door handle be? Not very, you might think. But you'd be surprised. Handles on doors and living room furniture see a lot of action and can easily become bacteria hotspots, so wipe them down on a regular basis.

Living room door handle

Hard floors

We all know floors are a bit downtrodden - they're always being walked over by everyone. Dirty shoes or pets who have been outdoors can bring bacteria and germs from the outside in, so it's vital that hard floors are not only cleaned, but also disinfected.

Hard wood floor with sofa


Shelves, sideboards and units can be neglected when it comes to cleaning, especially if you're just giving them a cursory run over with a feather duster. Wipe them down regularly to make sure they don't turn into unexpected breeding grounds for bacteria.

Living room shelves behind sofa

Coffee tables

From food and drink spills, to cheeky people putting their feet up, coffee tables can see a lot of use. If not cleaned thoroughly, splashes, dirt and other residues can build up, causing bacteria to spread. So it's super important to clean and disinfect regularly.

Iconic coffee table on rug

Remote control

Items that are handled regularly, such as remotes and games console controllers, can make perfect environments for bacteria to spread in, especially if people touch them with grubby mitts.

Remote controls in tub
White heart in house icon

Always use Zoflora safely

Do not use on polished wood.

Allow a contact time of 5 minutes.

Do not mix with other cleaning products.

Dilute 1 part Zoflora in 40 parts water.
E.g. 1 capful of Zoflora (10ml) added to 400ml of water.

Do not spray directly onto or near to open flames or electronic devices.

Make sure to exclude pets from the area until surfaces are completely dry.

Always check the manufacturer's guidelines before using Zoflora on your bin.

Remember that Zoflora maintains its germ-killing power for 2 weeks once diluted.