Keeping Your Pets Safe This Spring! From Cat Henstridge the Zoflora Vet

We all want our pets to stay safe and well, but with the coronavirus crisis and the UK currently in lockdown, it's a good idea to try to keep them out of trouble and avoid visits to your vet.


Watch out for scroungers!

Easter is over and if you are anything like me, you will have finished all your chocolate!  However, if you have been more restrained and you still have some left, make sure you keep it well out of the way of curious noses.  Chocolate is toxic to both dogs and cats (cats are just less likely to try and steal things like this!) and the darker it is, the more damage it can cause.

Actually, the same goes for any human food!  With the family at home more, there will inevitably be more left out and more scraps hitting the floor (or being passed over to those big brown eyes!).  Our meals are generally much richer than our pets are used to and can easily cause upset tummies.  Not to mention our dogs rarely have an ‘appetite off-switch’ and a raid on the bread bin will lead to every crumb being consumed, and a VERY painful stomach!


Stay safe during your daily exercise

As well as loving that their family are now home all the time, many of our dogs are also enjoying all the walks they are getting now everyone is taking them along on their government mandated exercise!  While I don’t think it is necessary to keep your dogs on a lead - they are born to run after all - it is important you have good recall and that they are well socialised so they aren’t tempted into any altercations that could lead to bite injuries.  If your companion does struggle with other canines, it might be wise to avoid popular places at the moment as many are busier than usual.

Also, please don’t throw sticks for them!  These can cause really nasty injuries to mouths and necks if your dog mistimes their catch.  

Finally when out on your walks, especially if the weather is nice, take care to not let your dog run about too much and over-heat.  This is especially important if they are a flat faced breed like a pug or a french bulldog, who are very vulnerable to this problem, even on cloudy days.  Limit any crazy exercise and allow them ample opportunity to rest in the shade. Taking water for them to drink can also be a good idea.

Cats need some peace and quiet

Our cats are usually better at staying out of trouble than our dogs! They tend to be much more sensible in what they eat and where they go, but there are still things we can do to help them!

In contrast to dogs, who are probably revelling in all the extra company, our cats may be finding it hard to relax as much as normal (Which, as you will know if you have a feline family member, is a LOT!) What cats value above all is their routines and the ability to do what they want, when they want.

It doesn’t mean they don’t love us but they may feel overwhelmed by the house having people in it all the time, and this can result in stress-related illnesses such as over-grooming and cystitis. The latter of which can have potentially serious consequences for male cats, who can suffer with spasms that mean they can’t urinate at all and need urgent veterinary attention.

Help your cats by ensuring they aren’t disturbed during their (extensive!) nap times and that they can visit their food, water and litter trays whenever they want (some cats for example may feel intimidated by a busy kitchen, so consider moving these things to different, quieter areas).

Keeping your home germ-free

If you are anything like me, keeping a clean home is a challenge at the moment with so many people (and animals!) spending so much time indoors! However, it is not just important to keep our homes smelling fresh, it’s also important for our own health. 

To help avoid unwanted outings to the vet, use Zoflora throughout your home to kill many of the bacteria and viruses that can cause illness in our pets, such as kennel cough and distemper in dogs, antibiotic-resistant infections in cats, as well as flu in many pets. 

Using Zoflora’s ‘Fresh Home’ range, which has been specially designed to be better tolerated by your pet’s sense of smell, means you can protect them without the worry of upsetting them with a new scent in the home. 

Use Zoflora to safely disinfect your home and avoid unwanted pet bacteria and viruses

Mop your floors!

Whether it’s a quick freshen up or clearing up pet mess, mopping your floors with Zoflora will instantly freshen up your home and remove 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. Simply dilute 4 capfuls of Zoflora into a 1.5 litre bucket of water.*

Disinfect pet cages and beds
Simply add your favourite Zoflora fragrance to a trigger spray containing water at a ratio of 1 to 40, then spray directly onto the cage or plastic pet bad and wipe over with a cloth*.

Disinfect litter trays
They can be a breeding ground for bacteria. To remove any harmful germs that may be hiding, spray it thoroughly with diluted Zoflora disinfectant, then wipe out with a cloth or kitchen roll. Just ensure that it is completely dry before returning to your pet.

Happy Springtime everyone and stay safe!

*Always dilute as per the on-pack instructions and ensure all surfaces and items are completely dry before allowing your pet access.