Puppy Training Tips

Contrary to a lot of preconceptions, once you’ve brought your new addition home, there is no time to waste, puppy training should start immediately. Puppies learn so fast, and like babies absorb information like a sponge from a young age. So it’s best to get them into good habits from the moment you introduce them into your home.

Secure and safe: Making your puppy feel safe is crucial, and even though they are adorable and you want to play with them all day, puppies need a lot of rest as they are growing at a rapid rate. Make sure they have an area where they feel safe, that is away from house noise or busy areas of the home. Getting a crate for your puppy may seem cruel, but they actually offer a safe place for your new addition. 

Be the pack leader: Dogs are naturally pack animals, so it is important to let them know you’re the boss from the beginning, so they respect you and your rules.

Walking: Depending on the breed, it is important to not over walk your puppy. Do your research for the recommended exercise distances. Make sure your puppy walks behind you or beside you on the walk so you remain dominant and in control. To exhaust a puppy’s energy, playing games and using toys will help to keep them occupied and their brains engaged.

Toilet training: Puppies need to go to the toilet at regular intervals, sometimes every hour. It is important to give your puppy access to an area where they can relieve themselves regularly. By encouraging them to go to the toilet, and giving rewards when successful, will reinforce the habit and reduce accidents.

It is unfair to expect your young puppy to go through the night without a toilet break, so make sure you let them out during the night. Then once your puppy is older you can work towards leaving them all night. We hope you find these tips helpful. Remember to consult your veterinarian to get your puppy vaccinated and for further health care information.



Posted by (28/04/2015)