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Spring Cleaning with a Toddler


Oh why do those two words fill me with dread? Look back to a few springs ago and you will see me hair tied up, jogging bottoms on and knee deep in cleaning products. With my head in the back of the kitchen cupboards I cleaned until I was blue in the face, and then a bit more. I got a huge sense of satisfaction after the big house clean, everywhere smelling fresh and looking extra tidy. The perfect time to have people round so I could show off my efforts.


Then I had a baby. Then the baby started to move. Then the baby started to toddle, and now cleaning is not fun any more. My spring clean this year will go something along the lines of me cleaning an area, turning round for 2 minutes and finding my toddler has undone my hard work. There is no area in the house I can clean without being followed by a trail of biscuit crumbs or a bag full of pompoms. He leaves a trail of them as he goes along, maybe he thinks he will get lost!


The toddler is also a little germ machine, picking up germs at nursery, so now cleaning is less about the house looking clean but actually being clean, keeping those pesky germs away. You can’t go wrong with good old disinfectant and Zoflora not only comes in a little bottle so no big bottles to carry around the house (along with the toddler) but you can use it everywhere in your house. Just dilute it and use it on your floors, sinks, toilets, potties, tiles, and the list goes on. Perfect for family households and so much easier than using a million different products like I used to. The more cupboard space I have for playdough, more pompoms and pipe cleaners the better, I think!


So what are my tips for spring cleaning when you have kids in tow?

• Don’t bite off more than you can chew – little and often is the key. Set aside a couple of hours a day for each area of the house. Trying to do it all in one day will no doubt result in a bored toddler and a frazzled you.

• Give them a job – I know, I know, when a toddler says they want to help, your version of help and theirs is very different. However, if you can set them up in one area of the house with a feather duster it can really help control the mess!! They will love to think they are helping too.

• Don’t beat yourself up if it doesn’t get done – so what if you only managed to actually clean the toilet for the whole day. That’s still one clean toilet more than you had at the start of the day. Grab a cuppa, sit down and try again tomorrow.


So, think of me this spring won’t you? Hair up, jogging bottoms on, knee deep in cleaning products but this time with a toddler attached brandishing a feather duster. Good luck to all you parents Spring cleaning this year!


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Posted by Guest Blogger: Mummy In Training (20/04/2015)