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Is Your Home Making You Ill?

Have you been feeling under the weather recently but can’t quite put your finger on why? Unfortunately, your own home could be to blame! No matter how much time we spend cleaning our homes, germs will always linger making our homes harmful places. 

Don’t worry too much – most bacteria within the home are completely harmless. However, a few have the power to cause you and your family illnesses like nasty tummy bugs, allergies and even skin irritations!  Germs are sneaky and hang out in unexpected places, to make sure your family is safe and healthy take a look at the most popular germ hotspots in your home! 


1. The remote control – Your remote control harbours a shocking amount of bacteria, which is worrying as most of your family handles it. To ensure that bacteria isn’t given the opportunity to thrive, use Zoflora as a quick fix to banish germs.

2. Mobile phones – Our mobile phones travel with us everywhere, but not many of us can say we clean them regularly. Mobile phones are loaded with bacteria (even more than a toilet seat!) so ensure that you take the time to wipe your mobile, home phone and work phone. 

3. Computer keyboard – If you spend a lot of time on your laptop or computer, each time you touch your keyboard you’re constantly transferring dead skin and germs on the keys. Keep it clean with a diluted form of Zoflora! 

4. Your salt and pepper shaker – Possibly be the biggest germ hangout in your home could be sitting on your dinner table! Salt and Pepper shakers are prone to harbouring the cold and flu viruses so it is important to wipe them down regularly. 

5. Body sponges – Showers are the perfect location for bacteria to flourish, as the damp and warm environment means that bacteria can multiply rapidly. Sponges and other shower utensils collect dead skin and germs which can lead to skin infections. To prevent these rinse your sponge after use and allow it time to dry! 

Posted by Zoflora (24/03/2015)