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Why do We Celebrate Mother's Day?

The date of Mothering Sunday or Mother’s Day changes annually, and falls on the fourth Sunday in Lent and three weeks before Easter.
Mother’s Day is a day dedicated to showing appreciation, gratitude and thanks to Mums and is celebrated like most national holidays by giving gifts.
This year in the UK, Mother’s Day falls on Sunday 6th March, but where did Mother’s Day originate from and why do we celebrate it?

Mother’s Day History

Mother’s Day is celebrated by many, but few of us actually know its origins.
Mother’s Day celebrations actually date back as far as the ancient Greeks and their Spring festivals of worship to celebrate Rhea, the Mother of the Gods and Goddesses.

In the UK we have celebrated the day since the 16th century, when it was traditionally a religious celebration to honour the Virgin Mary who was also known as Mother Mary.

People would visit their ‘mother’ church, the main church or cathedral in their local area, as a family, which gave many families who worked away from home the chance to reunite and celebrate together. Over the years this tradition has evolved to include all Mothers, and became the Mother’s Day that we know today.

By 1935 the tradition had become less popular, but during the Second World War soldiers revived the tradition by giving thanks to their Mothers while away at war, and we have continued to celebrate ever since.

Over the years Mother’s Day has become less about the Virgin Mary and more about honouring all mothers.

Mother’s Day Gifts

The tradition of giving gifts on Mother’s Day began when workers traveling home for a day with their Mum, would pick wild flowers as a gift on their way home. Today, we mark the occasion with a Mother’s Day card and bouquets of flowers are still a favourite gift, as well as modern gifts such as perfume, clothes and jewellery. As in the past, many of us live away from our families, so Mother’s Day is a great reason to get the family together for a family celebration.

Although the way we celebrate Mother’s Day may have varied over the centuries, the meaning of the tradition has remained the same. It is a day for Mums to be made to feel special, and an opportunity for children to show their appreciation for everything their Mums have done and continue to do in their lives.

How do you celebrate Mother’s day?

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