Heart decorations on wooden background


Love your Valentine like Zoflora loves your home…❤️

It’s that time again – the time to show appreciation for the one you love. Approximately 150 million Valentine’s Day cards are exchanged each year, rendering it the second most significant giving occasion on the calendar (after Christmas, of course!)

Nowadays, this seasonal giving stretches far beyond the celebration of romantic love between two. It could be dedicated to any friend or member of the family tree, but don’t be duped into thinking the success of your Valentine’s Day is dependent on the depth of your pockets. There are many profound ways to demonstrate your affection without damaging your bank balance.

Why not host a beautiful meal at your home? It's finally the big day and Zoflora are here to help you prepare your Valentine’s display!

Set the scene...

So, what’s the most important part of setting the mood? Smell. Shower your home in the finest of Zoflora’s fragrances. A historic symbol of love dating back to ancient Greek mythology, it would seem our Rose rendition is most fitting for the occasion. Not only will your home be sparkly clean, you’ll be in-keeping with this February theme.

Now to create ambience with the perfect lighting. Warm your home with a fairy light glow. Dim light is considered especially romantic as when light is kept to a minimum, there is only enough vision for two to focus on each other. The darkened environment allows our pupils to dilate; a subconscious signal of attraction.

What to give?

What would make the perfect loving gesture? An elegant bouquet is a tremendous giveaway. When choosing the colour of flowers, most of us automatically opt for passion-fuelled red, but should we consider giving white instead? White roses are believed to represent true love and loyalty – a meaningful token for a special someone.

And to eat?

Now to whip up a culinary feast. There’s no better way to express love than through the gift of food - be sure to create a taste sensation with all their favourite treats. It must be something rich and indulgent. Perhaps a chocolate tart, clearly this is a guaranteed route to the heart. Why not serve with an extravagant cocktail? With this potion of love, you really can’t fail.

So now you have the recipe for a tremendous tribute to your dearest, but who’s your Valentine? The one you want to look after and nurture, the one you want to protect but not perfect? Zoflora’s valentine is your home…


Posted by Zoflora (01/02/2019)