Soar Through Summer With Zoflora

Summer is around the corner and we’re all craving a well-deserved break in the beaming sunshine. Lucky for you, there’s no need to board a plane to feel as though you’ve been away this year. With our sensational selection of summer-scented fragrances, you and your home will be refreshed and rejuvenated. So where do you fancy travelling to?

Pink Grapefruit perfection...

Why not begin your adventure in the beautiful surroundings of Barbados, known for its growth of juicy citrus fruits? Or maybe a bottle of Zoflora’s all-time favourite Pink Grapefruit is a better option. A sweet and zesty blend of citrus, fresh pomegranate, rich mango and red fruits, it will transform your home into a tropical heaven.

Paradise is full of peaches...

There’s more than one location in paradise that Zoflora can take you to. Why not stop off and sun yourself on a blissful Perfuvian beach with our delightful Paradise Peach? So what fragrance notes spring to mind? Paradise Peach opens with the soft, mellow scent of sweet vanilla, leading into invigorating peach and fresh passionfruit, rounded off with zesty lemon.

A trip around the tropics...

If this doesn’t pack a fruity enough punch, Tropical Twist is sure to. A concoction of all the Tropical region’s finest fruits, this exotic feel-good fragrance will perfume your home to perfection. Inspired by tropical holidays it combines fruity notes of pear, apple and citrus, with blends of pineapple and coconut, sealed with the rich, woody aroma of tonka.

Honeysuckle & Jasmine Heaven...

Not to worry if the tropics aren’t up your street, we can send you somewhere else with wonderful heat. Perhaps a trip to the United States will take your fancy, or buy a bottle of Honeysuckle & Jasmine if you’d prefer to be economical. Crafted from a perfectly balanced blend of delicate jasmine, earthy sandalwood, sweet honeysuckle and fresh green tea, this scent can be considered nothing less than a limited edition legend.

So now you see, there really is no need to go away for a holiday. Create a summertime sanctuary in your home with Zoflora’s latest darlings. Not only will you be surrounded by stunning scents, Zoflora promises to keep the pesky bacteria and viruses at bay, killing 99.9% of all germs using 3 in 1 action technology.

Head to our usage and tips page to choose the next room you’re going to tackle. Just be sure to follow the on-pack instructions for the best results!

Posted by Zoflora (01/06/2019)