The Magic of March

March is here, the weather is finally warming and the daffodils are beginning to bloom. With so many exciting events on the annual calendar falling this month, we can’t help but skip into spring.


Start the month properly with a spectacular spring spritz...


Spring cleaning every room in the home is an ancient tradition which dates back to 3000 b.c. It is thought the desire to polish the home to perfection at this time of year actually stems from seasonally induced biochemical changes in the brain. During the dark winter months, we tend to have less energy and motivation due to our bodies producing higher levels of the sleep-inducing hormone, melatonin. This gradually reduces as daylight hours increase. As such, by the time we get to Spring, we’re full of energy and motivation to get our homes sparkly clean. With a host of fabulous floral fragrances, what better way to say hello to the season than with one of Zoflora’s finest.

Why not grab a bottle of our latest fragrance Hello Spring? Available from all leading supermarkets including Asda, Sainsbury's, Tesco, Morrisons, Co-op and Waitrose, there’s no excuse not too! A delicately crafted blend of wildflowers and citrus, Hello Spring is the key to creating a spring-like haven in every room in your home.

Make sure your Spring Clean covers all bases and consult our expert checklist...


Has all that grafting got your stomach groaning?


Pancake day has creped up on us already and it’s time to indulge in more than just your toppings. Shrove Tuesday is a key event in the Christian diary, immediately preceding the final 40 days leading up to Easter. Many use this period to reflect and abstain from indulging in their everyday luxuries, in homage to Jesus’s trek through the desert. But whatever treat you give up for lent, don’t let it be Zoflora…


Females are fighters!


International women’s day is held on the 8th of March every year. On this day, millions from around the globe will join together, in commemoration of the women’s rights movement. Celebrated for over a century, this day is becoming increasingly popular each year. Why not get involved and pay tribute to all the fantastic females you know by wearing a purple item of clothing?


Marvelous mothers


Who could be more important than the wonderful woman we like to call Mum? Prove your love and appreciation this mother’s day and stop at nothing to give something spectacular. Flowers, chocolates and candles are a lovely gesture but here at Zoflora, we think you can do better. Take a look at our latest lines and stop your mum from wanting to whine.

So there we have it, a splendid month worth 'Marching' in too!

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