The sink lies at the heart of the kitchen. It’s a high traffic area frequently used to clean everything from cutlery to cloths, so it’s no surprise that smells, stains and nasty germs can quickly gather. 

These are unavoidable in such a hardworking area of the home, so knowing how to clean a sink is crucial. This involves regularly cleaning and disinfecting the entire sink area so viruses, bacteria and dirt don’t become a problem.

Bacteria can multiply on the solids and liquids washed off our dirty plates, mugs and glasses, so using an effective sink and kitchen drain cleaner is essential.

Dishcloths and sponges are also one of the top five places germs could be hiding in your home, so shouldn't be forgotten when it comes to cleaning the sink and should be routinely disinfected.

Thankfully, Zoflora makes having a hygienically clean sink straightforward and stress-free, killing 99.9% of potentially harmful viruses and bacteria whilst eliminating odours, and leaving a beautiful fragrance for up to 24 hours.

There’s a choice of over 25 different fragrances to clean with, including seasonal limited editions and all time household favourites. Zoflora can be used neat down plugholes, drains and overflows to eliminate germs and nasty odours. When diluted, Zoflora can be used to wipe down taps, sinks and draining boards.

Our tips and tricks below outline what you need to keep your sink spotless while using Zoflora as a sink cleaner, from stainless steel sinks to kitchen drain cleaner. So, grab your Zoflora and let’s get cleaning!

Zoflora is suitable for use on stainless steel, plastic and porcelain sinks. Patch test on an inconspicuous area if unsure, or check with the sink manufacturer.

What you'll need to clean your sink with Zoflora

A bottle of Zoflora 3-in-1 concentrated multipurpose disinfectant
Microfibre cloth
Trigger spray bottle
Rubber gloves
Bottle brush

Step 1: Disinfecting the sink

Once you have all your cleaning utensils ready, begin by disinfecting the basin. This area regularly comes into contact with a whole host of dirty household items, meaning that viruses and bacteria can spread easily if not kept under control.

To eliminate germs and create a hygienically clean space, insert the plug and fill the sink with water. Add one capful of Zoflora for every 400ml of water in the sink to kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

Remember, Zoflora contains chemicals that can irritate the skin, meaning you should always wear rubber gloves when handling neat Zoflora or using as a sink cleaner.

With the sink basin full and the Zoflora getting to work as a powerful sink cleaner, you should then turn your attention to the taps and draining board.

Step 2: Cleaning the taps and draining board

An essential part of how to clean a sink involves thoroughly disinfecting the taps.

These are especially important given that we often touch them to adjust the temperature or flow of water mid-cleaning, bringing the tap into contact with the grime and germs we’re trying to remove.

As well as this, the sink taps are used by every member of the home multiple times a day, and although we may wash our hands in between, viruses, bacteria and unsightly marks can still gather. 

To disinfect the taps and draining board, dilute Zoflora with water in a recycled clean trigger bottle, or a Zoflora spray bottle, at a ratio of 1 capful of Zoflora for every 400ml of water.

This will give you a powerful disinfectant that can be used throughout the home on everything from door handles to shelves, and can even be sprayed on a cloth and used to disinfect regularly touched items such as light switches, phones, remote controls and letterboxes. Always wear rubber gloves when handling neat Zoflora.

Remember, a little Zoflora diluted like this really goes a long way. A 500ml bottle of Zoflora makes 20 litres of diluted disinfectant!

Whilst you’re cleaning your sink, it’s also important to consider items around the area. Although it’s designed to drain away water from drying dishes, a draining board can be home to lingering malodours, viruses and bacteria, so it’s important to also give this a thorough clean.

Don’t forget to spray the taps and draining board with the Zoflora solution. Next, take your microfibre cloth soaked in diluted Zoflora and thoroughly wipe down all the sprayed areas.

Now this area of the sink is germ free and beautifully fragrant,  it’s time to finish off the sink area.

Step 3: Clean the sink drain

Now your sink has been thoroughly disinfected, drain away the water. Everything from food to mud can go down the plughole and through the drain, meaning that germs and nasty odours can soon build up.

As a result, using Zoflora as a powerful kitchen drain disinfectant should form part of any sink cleaning routine, especially because it can quickly eliminate nasty odours. 

Whilst the sink water is draining, use a bottle brush pushed through the slots in the plughole to scrub the inside walls of the sink drain. Don’t forget to wear rubber gloves.

Once the sink is empty, pour a couple of capfuls of neat Zoflora down the plughole to leave the sink and drain beautifully fragrant and hygienically clean.

Step 4: Give the sink a final wipe down

With the drain cleared out and the Zoflora inserted, you’re just one step away from completing your sink clean! 

The final stage is to wipe down the sink basin. To do so, spray the area with diluted Zoflora, then remove any lingering marks or germs with the microfibre cloth.

Important information when using Zoflora

Do not mix with other cleaning products
Do not spray directly onto or near to open flames or electronic devices
Exclude all pets from the area until dry
Do not use on polished wood, painted, varnished or composite granite surfaces

Zoflora: killing germs beautifully since 1922

Our concentrated 3-in-1 action formula is perfect for cleaning your sink, whether it’s a stainless steel sink basin or the kitchen drain.

Not only does it kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, but it also gets rid of nasty smells with patented odour elimination technology, while leaving your home beautifully fragrant for up to 24 hours.

Zoflora is proven to kill numerous common household viruses and bacteria, including E-coli, Salmonella, Influenza and the COVID-19 virus, SARS-CoV-2.

With over 25 different fragrances to choose from, there’s guaranteed to be one to suit you. 

Zoflora has been protecting homes for almost 100 years. When all other disinfectants were effective but didn’t smell great, Zoflora’s approach was a revelation, combining powerful germ-killing properties with beautiful perfume to create the product users still love today.

How to clean your sink in no time

The sink is one of the busiest areas of the kitchen, so it’s advisable to regularly clean the basin, taps and draining board to eliminate odours, and kill potentially harmful viruses and bacteria. 

Remember to have the right tools for the job and your favourite fragrance of Zoflora to hand.