Top 5 Places Germs Could Be Hiding in Your Home

Bacteria exist everywhere and while most of them are helpful to the human body, some bacteria can cause you, and those you love, to become ill. That’s why we encourage regularly cleaning your home, but if you’re strapped for time and need to quickly cover some bacteria hot spots, we’ve compiled a list of places around your home not to miss. So grab your Zoflora and a cloth – we’ve got some disinfecting to do!


Mobile Phone

When was the last time you cleaned your mobile phone? The average mobile phone has more germs living on it than a toilet seat, and yet, the majority of us forget about this little germ hot spot that we carry around with us every day.

Spray a little diluted Zoflora onto a dry cloth and use to gently wipe around your mobile phone, killing 99.9% of bacteria and viruses. *Do not spray directly onto electrical items.

Kitchen Sponges

Your kitchen sponges and cloths sit in the sink, soaking up the bacteria and viruses from dirty dishes and leftover food, so the last thing you want to do is use them to clean the rest of your kitchen with.

Dilute Zoflora in water in the sink, and leave your sponges to soak. Do this at the end each day and wake up to a fresh kitchen and hygienic sponges for the next day’s use.


Vegetable Drawers

Rotting fruit and vegetables left at the bottom of your fridge drawers can lead to bacteria build up and odours in your fridge.

Give your fridge a deep clean by removing all the food, wiping the drawers with diluted Zoflora and giving everything a final rinse with clean water.

Door Handles

Door handles are the fastest way for bacteria and viruses to spread. With everyone’s hands regularly touching door handles, they can easily facilitate the passing of illness from one person to another.

Spray diluted Zoflora directly onto door handles and wipe over with a cloth.