The toilet is a regularly used installment in every home, with the majority of household members sharing one or two thrones! This can often lead to the build up of potentially harmful viruses, bacteria and nasty odours. This means it often deserves an extra level of care and attention when it comes to cleaning your toilet.

Finding the best toilet product can be tough, but using Zoflora Concentrated Multipurpose Disinfectant makes the process simple, effective and hassle-free. Not only does our multipurpose 3-in-1 action formula kill 99.9% of viruses and bacteria, whilst eliminating odours, but Zoflora offers a range of over 25 long-lasting fragrances that will fill your home with beautiful fragrance for up to 24 hours, meaning your bathroom will stay fresher for longer!

To ensure that your toilet is as germ-free as possible, it’s best to thoroughly disinfect it using Zoflora at least once a week, making sure to use it both in and around the bowl, and on the seat and surrounding surfaces. For an extra cleaning boost, you can also leave your toilet brush to soak in Zoflora when not in use, so it stays hygienically clean and fragrantly fresh in-between scrubs. 

Flushing the toilet can cause germs to spread via splashes which can reach far beyond the toilet bowl, so it’s crucial to pay close attention to the surrounding area of the toilet and floor. Zoflora’s virucidal and antibacterial properties ensure that germs are effectively killed and can no longer spread.  

It’s important to note that Zoflora is not designed to unblock toilets. We recommend either using a specialist product or contacting a professional.

What you'll need to clean your toilet

A bottle of Zoflora 3-in-1 concentrated multipurpose disinfectant
Microfibre cloth
Trigger spray bottle
Rubber gloves
Toilet brush

Step 1: Grab your disinfectant

When diluted in water, Zoflora makes a powerful disinfectant spray that can be used throughout the home to kill germs beautifully. To create this, dilute 1 part Zoflora with 40 parts water in a clean trigger spray bottle. Remember to always wear rubber gloves when handling neat Zoflora.

Now you’re equipped with a powerful disinfectant spray to take on toilet cleaning whenever needed, it’s time to move onto the rest of the toilet.

Step 2: Leave Zoflora to get to work on the toilet bowl

Neat Zoflora can be used as a highly effective toilet cleaner, eliminating 99.9% of viruses and bacteria present whilst removing any bad odours that can easily develop. 

To leave your toilet germ-free and spotless, pour a capful of neat Zoflora into the toilet bowl, and use the toilet brush to thoroughly coat the sides of the bowl.

Step 3: Scrub the toilet bowl

A toilet brush is ideal for this job, keeping you at arm’s lengths from the toilet bowl while allowing for maximum scrubbing power. 

While doing so, it’s crucial to reach all areas of the toilet bowl, including underneath the seat rim and right down into the bowl. 

As always, we advise wearing rubber gloves when using Zoflora as a toilet bowl cleanser. Also, never mix Zoflora with any other cleaning products and ensure any pets are well away from the bathroom during every step in the cleaning process. 

With the viruses and bacteria eliminated, and your favourite fragrance filling the bathroom, you can close the toilet seat and turn your attention to cleaning the cistern and outside of the toilet bowl.

Step 4: Wipe down the outside of the toilet and toilet seat

First, spray the toilet with the Zoflora disinfectant solution, going as far back around the toilet as possible and right down to the base.

With this done, wipe down all sprayed areas with your microfiber cloth. Your toilet is now germ-free and smelling great! The Zoflora fragrance will last up to 24 hours.

Step 5: Don’t forget the toilet brush!

There’s one final part to remember: the toilet brush! Given what it’s designed to, it’s no surprise that it’s a haven for viruses, bacteria and unpleasant odours to develop.

To eliminate those hidden nasties, fill the holder or a bucket with diluted Zoflora and allow the brush to soak for at least five minutes.

Important information when using Zoflora

Do not mix with other cleaning products
Do not spray directly onto or near to open flames or electronic devices
Exclude all pets from the area until dry
Do not use on polished wood, painted, varnished or composite granite surfaces

Zoflora: killing germs beautifully since 1922

Zoflora started in 1922 when our founder Nathan Thornton wanted to create an alternative to using carbolic acid as a disinfectant. Although powerful, carbolic acid left an awful smell, leading to surfaces that were free of viruses and bacteria but no better smelling than before cleaning. 

As a result, Zoflora was formulated to rid 99.9% of germs and harmful viruses and bacteria, making it twice as powerful as carbolic acid, while also leaving a pleasant fragrance. This remains our philosophy today, resulting in our line-up of over 25 fragrances that range from rich Winter Spice to breezy Linen Fresh

The pandemic has highlighted the importance of eliminating and viruses and bacteria from our homes to keep members of the household safe. Zoflora has been laboratory tested and proven to kill the COVID-19 virus. Learn more about how Zoflora kills coronavirus and get to know our recommended cleaning routine to help protect your loved ones.

How to clean a toilet quickly and easily

That completes our rundown of using Zoflora to leave your toilet gleaming, free of germs and filled with your favourite fragrance. It’s no surprise that keeping on top of this area of your home is really important, and using our 3-in-1 formula makes this process quick and simple. 

With nearly a century of cleaning expertise, you can rely on Zoflora as a household disinfectant to leave your home hygienically clean and beautifully fragrant.