The Science of ‘Spring Cleaning’

What is it about Spring that makes us want to clean? Spring is in the air! Open up the windows. De-clutter the wardrobe. Give the cupboards that deep clean you’ve been meaning to get around to.

For a lot of us, the beginning of Spring is a reminder to start our annual Spring overhaul - decluttering, organising and of course, cleaning. More than any other season, Spring brings with it a clear distinction between old and new, marking a fresh start. Yet, have you ever thought about the origins of “Spring Cleaning” and the science behind why we start deep cleaning in Spring? 

That Spring Clean Feeling

The practise of spring cleaning is a time-honoured ritual that stretches back through tradition. But did you know that scientifically, the urge to clean during this time of year can be traced back to basic biology? Melatonin, a chemical that causes sleepiness in humans, is produced by our pineal gland - a tiny endocrine gland buried deep in our brains. The pineal gland responds to darkness, increasing production of melatonin during the winter months and reducing it in summer. This means that while the beginning of spring gives us longer, brighter days, it also gives us a much-needed energy boost. 

As we shake off the sleepiness of winter, we naturally rise earlier and complete those jobs we had neglected in the colder, darker months. So our energy (and motivation to tidy up!) gradually increases with the beginning of Spring.

Zesty Citrus

As citrus smells are known to increase alertness and energy - why not pair your spring-time cleaning with one of our favourite fragrances, Lemon Zing?

This zesty blend of juicy lemon, spicy ginger and sweet grapefruit will create an uplifting and energised feeling all-around your home.

The Psychology of Clean

Interestingly, psychology also plays a role in motivating us to start tidying up around springtime. Research from the University of Pennsylvania has shown that individuals are more likely to feel motivated to complete goals on socially meaningful calendar days - like New Year’s Day or the first day of Spring. When given the option between choosing a goal to start on Thursday (the 3rd Thursday in March) and Thursday (the 1st day of Spring) - people will naturally lean towards the latter. This phenomenon is termed the “fresh start effect” and explains why people find the urge to clean as they welcome in a new season. What a perfect time to start all those jobs that you don’t need, or have time to do regularly!

A Nation of Cleaners?

Recent research from House Beautiful has revealed that the average Brit spends around two years cleaning their homes. As a nation of cleaners, what better time to tackle those pesky and annoying jobs than with the bright days of spring? 

Here at Zoflora, we’ve brought back one of our most popular fragrances, Springtime, to put a spring in your step this season. With its combination of freshly cut green leaves and herbs, Springtime brings the scent of spring straight through your front door. If this doesn’t motivate you to start emptying those cupboards, we don’t know what will!  

Whatever your motivations for spring cleaning, we have an array of beautiful Zoflora fragrances to help kick start that fresh feeling in your home.