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5 Reasons Why Disinfecting is Important

Cleaning a surface simply removes visible debris, dirt and dust. BUT, sometimes cleaning tools, including sponges and cloths, simply move germs from one surface to another. Cleaning products are great at cleaning dirt and grease, but they don't have the power to eliminate germs. Although a surface looks clean, it could be riddled with bacteria that you can't see.  

SURPRISING FACT: Studies have shown that a child's high chair carries 1500 times more faecal bacteria than the same child's potty.  

1. Your home   We all love a warm and cosy home. Unfortunately, so do bacteria and viruses! In warm, moist conditions, bacteria such as E. coli can divide every 20 minutes. Within just 7 hours 2,097,152 bacteria could be relaxing in your bath or joining you on your kitchen counter whilst you cook for your family.   The bathroom is one of the biggest breeding grounds for a bacterium. It has a lot of hotspots from the sink, to the bath, to the toilet.  

SURPRISING FACT: Did you know that the sink can have 100,000 germs per square inch? Or that when the toilet is flushed with an open lid, germs can travel as far as six feet, landing on the floor, sink, toothbrushes etc?   For an easy to follow cleaning guide: ZOFLORA CLEANING HABITS  


2. Your health   The human body contains many bacterial cells. Most of these 'healthy bacteria' live in your stomach and help you to digest food.  However, sometimes a build up of bacteria can mutate leading to illnesses including stomach upsets, food poisoning, flu, chicken pox and cold sores.   For a healthy and happy family, disinfect your home regularly to kill bacteria and viruses and reduce the likely hood of illnesses.  


3. Your cleaning equipment   It's important to choose the right product AND the right equipment.  

SURPRISING FACT: The average kitchen sponge is 200,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat!   Modern lives can be so busy and hectic; so it is vital to get the most out of your weekly clean. Don't waste all of your hard work by spreading germs around your home with a contaminated sponge.   The Hygiene Council advises that cloths and sponges should be washed above 60c to kill germs and be disinfected regularly.  


4. Your garden   The warm summer days and light evenings are the perfect opportunity to entertain on the patio with a BBQ.  

SURPRISING FACT: What lurks outside can be just as bad as a bacterium that's found inside. Bin lids have the highest bacteria count, a staggering 1.2million per cm sq. In fact, most garden features are overlooked and not regularly cleaned, such as the BBQ and patio furniture, which are ideal places for bacteria to multiply.

5. Your office   Your cleaning routine may only stretch to your home, but this may change your mind!  

SURPRISING FACT: The average office desk is home to 20,000 germs per square inch and becomes an ideal breeding ground for bacteria. They love to feast on crumbs left over from those tasty lunches you've been having, turning your desk into a "bacteria cafeteria". Even worse, it's estimated that the telephone ear and mouth piece you lovingly use every day carries up to 1,400 bacteria.  

There are simple ways of avoiding these problems, use disinfectants not cleaners, let sponges/cloths soak in disinfectant for 5 minutes to make sure all of those nasty bacteria are busted and then wipe away with clean water.  

Time-saving solution  

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Posted by Zoflora (01/12/2014)