Cleaning Resolutions


5 Cleaning Resolutions You’ll Actually Keep!

Every New Year we make cleaning resolutions. You know the kind - vacuum under the bed, dust the tops of the kitchen cabinets, wash the dog beds...but how many of us stick to these arduous resolutions? Let’s face it, you’re busy at work all day, the dog needs walking and the kids are hungry for their dinner, so this year we’ve got 5 cleaning resolutions which are so easy you will be sure to stick to them all year round.


Make the bed

Remember to quickly make the bed when you wake up each morning to help keep your bedroom looking neat and tidy, even when it isn’t.


Soak pans BEFORE eating dinner

We know when you’ve been slaving over a lovely dinner for the whole family the last thing you want to do is let it go cold while you’re cleaning up – but bear with us! Once you’ve plated up the meals, simply move the dirty pans into the sink and fill them with hot, soapy water to soak while you enjoy your dinner. It will save a lot of elbow grease when it comes to the washing up later.


Inspect the fridge

Just before you take out the kitchen bin, have a quick glance inside the fridge for any old food that might need throwing away. Best to banish bad odours from the house altogether before they have a chance to fester at the bottom of a new bin liner!


Use multiple bin liners

Speaking of the trash, try putting 4 or 5 liners in each of your household bins to save time when they need taking out. This way there’s no need to waste time searching for a new bag each time you tidy.


Zap the microwave

Take the effort out of scrubbing the microwave by filling a bowl with water and lemon slices, microwaving it until the microwave gets steamy and then allowing it to sit in the microwave for at least 15 minutes. By the time you open the door, your microwave can be easily wiped clean.


Posted by Zoflora (18/01/2017)