Delve into the world of Zoflora fragrance

Delve into a world of fragrance with our two new summer scents, Rhubarb & Bergamot and Fig & Cedar. If you’re a fan of our fruity fragrance family, be prepared to fall in love with these two new fresh fragrances, the latest additions to our Zoflora collection. 

Fragrance structure

Developed by our team of expert perfumers, these fragrances, like all Zoflora scents, have been crafted with the perfect combination of top, mid and base notes. When creating new fragrances, the structure is broken down into these three tiers in order to form a perfectly balanced fragrance.

But what do these tiers actually mean? Well, top notes are normally the first impression you will get of any fragrance. These are often citrusy, fruity or aldehydic and will last only around 15 minutes after application. (Top tip! When going perfume shopping, make sure to leave the fragrance on your skin for longer than 15 minutes to allow these top notes to settle and discover the full fragrance!). 

Mid notes then emerge after the top notes have subsided, these are also known as the heart of the fragrance, as they give the fragrance it’s character. Florals, herbs and spices often contribute to the heart of any fragrance. 

Finally, the bottom, or base notes, consists of the heavier notes. These are the long-lasting fragrances which you can still smell for hours after using Zoflora in your home. These fragrances are often musky, woody or balsamic and are used to build the top and mid notes upon. 


Our new fragrances


Now you have the understanding of an expert perfumer, can you guess which notes our two new fragrances are made up of?

Rhubarb and Bergamot

Rhubarb and Bergamot is an energetic fragrance, made up of sweet and zesty top notes including rhubarb, bergamot, and green citrus fruits.

The mid notes are more floral, with hints of rose, green tea and muguet. These are perfectly complemented by musky and woody base notes to give the fragrance that long-lasting scent. 

Fig and Cedar

Although still fruity, Fig and Cedar is more of a warming blend. With refreshing top notes of wild shrubs, bergamot and cassis, a heart of wild Mediterranean fig, lavandin (a hybrid of two lavender species!), cinnamon and petitgrain.

This rich blend is finished off with base notes of pine needles, cedarwood and musk. 


We know that the most satisfying part of cleaning your home is that wonderful fresh scent that you wish would last forever! This is why all of our Zoflora fragrances are put to the test by our expert fragrance team to ensure that they are long-lasting for up to 24 hours in your home. 

More than just fragrance...

We all have our different preferences when it comes to fragrance, and our Zoflora range includes a number of fruity, floral, oriental, woody and citrus scents to make sure that you can find your perfect home fragrance. But don’t be fooled, whilst Zoflora fragrances will fill your home with freshness, our concentrated disinfectant formula is also working hard to kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses in your home.

These include Coronavirus, Human Herpes virus, Influenza -Type A (H1N1), Respiratory Syncytial virus (RSV), Rotavirus, E.coli, MRSA, Listeria, Salmonella.

Zoflora is also tested to BS EN standards for disinfectants, including : EN 14476 2013, EN 1276.2009, EN 13697: 2015 & EN 13623:2010 at a 1 to 40 dilution ration with a 5 minute contact time. It can therefore be used not only in the home, but in your workplace or business too to ensure that staff and customers are kept safe from bacteria and viruses. 

Discover more ways to use Zoflora and see our full range of fragrances now...